Album cover AlphaBetaC-EP - Atari Blitzkrieg
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Atari Blitzkrieg - AlphaBetaC-EP

17 May 2011 row1

As a quick intro, Atari Blitzkrieg is a 'Cyberpunk' rapper, who as his namesake suggests, is a rapper with a certain affiliation to video games ... or it may suggest the warning of a 'lightning fast' rap attack, or both. AlphaBetaC-EP is just one of the many EPs released by Atari Blitzkrieg within a two year period.

The free EP AlphaBetaC-EP clocks in at just over quarter of an hour and starts out with a great sample of Willy Wonka's demented rambling, and then it's into the all too short "An Immaculate Misconception". Apart from the Atari Blitzkrieg produced "An Immaculate Misconception", the rest of the EP (over the three producers Atari Blitzkrieg, Krohme and Insightful) definitely has its musical roots in that of an early 90s video game soundtrack. The album does contain some video game lingo, but they act more as metaphors rather than references to specific games. There is only time for one guest appearance and C-Rayz Walz features on the last track "Intergalactic Rap Attack!", which apart from some bad robot vocoding from Atari, is a great way to end the five track showcase.

I like video game beats meets hip hop beats and AlphaBetaC-EP strikes a good balance between the two. It also one of my favourite EPs from Atari and was meant to serve as a sampler until the AlphaBetaCaution LP came out, but at the time of writing I cannot find any information on the the LP which is a year overdue.

Sardless Tracks

  • An Immaculate Misconception
  • Krak’d Babies

Track Listing

  1. An Immaculate Misconception
  2. Krak’d Babies
  3. Gunz 2 Ur Left
  4. No More Noize
  5. Intergalactic Rap Attack!