Album cover Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation - Zion I and The Grouch
Heroes In The Healing Of The NationZion I and The Grouch8/10

Zion I and The Grouch - Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation

15 May 2011 row1

Heroes In The Healing of the Nation is the second collaborative album from duo Zion I and The Grouch. Looking once again to push a more relevant and positive hip hop out there, and on occasion ram it down your throat.

It is difficult to put out a message without sounding too serious and preachy, so a welcome touch of humour is used to great effect in taking the edge off "I Used To Be A Vegan" which discusses the importance of eating a balanced diet, the cameo from Del tha Funkee Homosapien (who is a vegan) adds a humorous conclusion to the track. One track that pulls no punches is "Be A Father To Your Child", which as the title suggests is about fatherhood. The track is relentless in its message and as a result it feels to be preaching way too hard, by being in the middle of the album it momentarily derails the otherwise enjoyable ride. While I can understand the importance of the message, it would been better left as an outro.

Musically, Amp Live doesn't hesitate to mix it up. From electric guitars on "Healing Of The Nation", a Major Lazer meets J Dilla sound on "Drop It On The 1" and pianos and Chinese strings on "Like A G", it all makes for a funky and pumped listening experience. As per the previous paragraph the only misstep is the 'hotel lobby jazz' beat on "Be A Father To Your Child", which while not bad, is out of place and should of either been turned into a short interlude or put at the end of the album.

I guess that it is still 'uncool' to put out an album full of 'do your part' messages and political ideologies, so in order to cross those boundaries it would have to be of exceptional quality - something that Mr. T was never able to achieve. Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation is of exceptional quality and does transcend those boundaries and preconceptions, Zion I and The Grouch have succeeded in putting out a message that is not only positive but also sounds damn good.

Sardless Tracks

  • Victorious People
  • Healing Of The Nation
  • Like A G

Track Listing

  1. Invitation
  2. Leader
  3. Victorious People
  4. Drop It On The 1
  5. Its Goin Down
  6. I Used To Be A Vegan
  7. Rockit Man
  8. Be A Father To Your Child
  9. Healing Of The Nation
  10. Frankenstein
  11. Plead The Fifth
  12. Test Of Time
  13. Journey To Forever
  14. Like A G