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Alright the Captain - SNIB

6 May 2011 macron1

Coming off of the excellent 123.EP (free here), Snib is the first long player from Northern Ireland / Birmingham / Ilkeston self-described "badgers" Alright the Captain (twitter @Alrightthecapn).

To get right to the point, Snib is reminiscent of old (i.e. good) Don Cabellero. Not since turn-of-the-century Don Cab' have we heard such intricate math rock. Alright the Captain have taken bits from jazz and the less boring elements of prog and post rock + some bad-assed synths, as well as elements of I guess... funk metal, if that is a thing, and formed something that is rather stunning to listen to. Snib sounds big and crazy and at once careful and unstable, like trying to cram a bunch of acorns into a sock filled with Jello*.

The influence of the likes of Primus can be heard immediately, with "Rostov Could Get It" punching you in the face with aggressive angular bass. Thankfully, unlike Primus, this track, like most of those on Snib is without vocals to distract from the intricate noise Alright the Captain produce-the exception being a dude shouting 'HONEY BADGER HONEY BADGER' at the start of "Honey Badger" and some incomprehensible bawling on "Guilt".

Tracks such as "Mega Mega Drive" and "Clamp" take unexpected turns, scything between furious noise and delicate lulls without ever losing your attention, seemingly knowing just the right amount of time to let a great idea hang about before quickly moving to something else. This is not to suggest some kind of ADD-type lack of focus, rather this prevents Alright the Captain from sounding repetitious and boring.

The 'math rock' moniker comes to the fore with the odd signatures and rapid changes in direction heard on "#33" and "Neo-Tokyo" that leave the listener to recount their own misspent youth not being good at playing guitar. "#33" in particular brings to mind the likes of Loose Lips Sink Ships, which is not at all a bad thing.

In conclusion, I hope these dudes make it big, Snib is very, very good, and you should have a listen. Snib is available via the Field Records bandcamp page for £5.

*Sound description quote stolen from here.

Sardless Tracks

  • Rostov Could Get It
  • Neo-Tokyo
  • Peanut Worm

Track Listing

  1. Rostov Could Get It
  2. Neo-Tokyo
  3. Mega Mega Drive
  4. Guilt
  5. #33
  6. Payoff
  7. Peanut Worm
  8. Soundtrack Your Death
  9. Honey Badger
  10. Clamp