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Boogie Monster - Zechimechi

2 May 2011 macron1

Zechimechi is the excellently named debut album from Vancouver, BC duo Boogie Monster. If, like this writer, you hate the long waits between Lightning Bolt albums, Zechimechi has basically got you covered. This is meant sincerely as a compliment. The idea was to write this review without once mentioning Lightning Bolt (as most other reviews of Zechimechi inevitably do-see examples here, here, here, here and now here I guess), but this was impossible and now that it has been done, it is so much easier. Anyway fuck those other reviews, I am looking for this type of shit all the time and am now looking forward to their future plans of plagiarising Fuck Buttons and Battles.

Highlights of Zechimechi begin immediately with "Castle In The Clouds," which features an awesome guitar hero (not the game, rather the thing that that was before the game) bit in between an intense storming clatter-I mean it really sounds incredible (for want of a better/more interesting and descriptive adjective), especially considering the noise is coming from just two dudes.

"Lost In Bollywood" is, intentionally or not, both amusing and vehement. It features a distorted snake-charmer / belly dancer tune that dances in and out and over a very tribal sounding drum bit, and is perhaps some of the only recorded 'Metallic-Bhangra' in existence. "Lost In Bollywood" is 'amusing' because when you hear the snake bit you kind of go 'Ha,' but then the relentlessness of the track kind of distracts you from that and you think 'fuck' or perhaps 'oh shit' or something along those lines.

Elsewhere, tracks such as "Majora" and "Bullfrog" sound how I would have liked the last Clara Clara album to sound. The imagery conjured up by the name "Transmissions Through Sticky Lungs" is sort of befitting the track, which begins at a million miles an hour before sliding into a sleazy sort of groove, then finishes chaotically. "Kabutops" then pops up as a comparatively short speed-punk interlude, and is possibly a Pokemon reference (if not I apologise). The entire album has a nice segueing quality, and Zechimechi kind of works as a non-stop attack on senses.

As for the Lightning Bolt thing, this album has their influence all over it. Just listen and compare, it is not even subtle, but the album does not suffer for it. As alluded to above, between the tornado pummelling drums and neon-dream riffage there are parallels to be drawn with AA-era Clara Clara and Caddywhompus in terms of the intensity and chaos of it all, and the influence of the likes of At The Drive-In, Melt Banana, Black Pus et al. is pervasive. The tracks "Kabutops" and "Cassius" are perhaps where Boogie Monster showcase something that might one day be their own sound, and for that reason are amongst the more distinct tracks on Zechimechi.

All told, Zechimechi is an excellent listen for connoisseurs of the unimaginatively named 'noise-rock' genre, and is made all the more astounding given this is Boogie Monster's debut. Stream Zechimechi here, or buy a copy for a fiver, it is the deal of the week/year.

Sardless Tracks

  • Castle In The Clouds
  • Lost In Bollywood
  • Kabutops
  • Cassius

Track Listing

  1. Castle In The Clouds (Single Edit)
  2. Majora
  3. Castle In The Clouds
  4. Bullfrog
  5. Transmissions Burst Through Sticky Lungs
  6. Kabutops
  7. Cassius
  8. Lost In Bollywood
  9. Shapeshifters