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This Time Next YearGood Company8/10

Good Company - This Time Next Year

30 Apr 2011 row1

A few years ago the The Damn Good EP served as a welcome introduction to Good Company. This year they are back in full effect with their first full-length release in what is surely an impressive prelude to their plans for next year. Straight off the bat "On The Go Back" gives you the feeling that the whole album is going to have a personal touch, and tracks like "Time" continue to confirm that they are lyrically and musically drawing from their day-to-day lives and personal experiences.

Ayatollah Jaxx has toned the cockiness down a level or two since his solo release Hello, Hip Hop which makes the album's personal approach a lot more relatable and something that the avid listener could buy into. Not that he doesn't have the skills to back up the boasting, he is definitely skilled on the mic and with the pen and paper, and with this release the listener can attest to that on their own - and that says a lot more than a rapper in your ear saying how hot they are. On the fiery track "Clear Conscience" he fully defends any accusations of arrogance, so I guess that I can put that in my pipe and smoke it. Throughout the albums nine tracks A-Jaxx paints a good picture of where they came from, what they've been through and where they hope to be heading.

Fundamental delivers nothing but stellar production from start to finish. Each track starts off with a soulful element as its root and is then built upon with some hip hops beats (and unless I am mistaken, what almost sounds like the odd nod to G-funk) and then back to a soulful hook. With only nine tracks it would be hard to fault any of his production (or the co-produced "Might Not Make It"), Fundamental's sound sticks to the direction of the album while giving each track a distinct sound and even dropping a rhyme or two along the way.

With This Time Next Year we can definitely say that Good Company has arrived and brought with them an impressive and notable release. They have got this reviewer hoping that their plans for next year are big and are more than an album title.

Sardless Tracks

  • On The Go Back
  • Time
  • Clear Conscience

Track Listing

  1. On The Go Back
  2. What I See feat. Cashtro Crosby
  3. Time
  4. Go It Alone feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Elley Jeeze
  5. Might Not Make It (co-produced by Chim Beatz)
  6. Being On feat. Varsity Squad
  7. Midnight Switch
  8. Last Laugh feat. Dominique Larue
  9. Clear Conscience