Album cover Never Mind the Technical Difficulties - Various Artists
Never Mind the Technical DifficultiesVarious Artists7/10

Various Artists - Never Mind the Technical Difficulties

30 Jan 2011 row1

Never Mind the Technical Difficulties is a compilation compiled by Day By Day Entertainment and Brothers Perspective Magazine. With 23 tracks and a runtime of over an hour there is a lot of variety on here as well as familiar artists.

Unfortunately with the huge track list there isn't that much on here which stands out and above the rest of the pack. Most of the tracks just toe the line with being decent enough not to skip, but not good enough to be memorable. This makes the compilation good enough to just put on and listen to some new music, but not good enough to showcase all of the different artists.

While the album doesn't have any write-offs, a few tracks don't really work as well as perhaps they should have. "Sonny Man" has a good flow but is woefully under produced. While "Liberation" features a complex and interesting high tempo disco jazz funk beat, the blips and beeps feel too pronounced/distracting and put Labtekwon's rhymes on the backbench.

"Devon's Lament" is a perfect example of a track that is good but just misses the leap to greatness. It starts with a nice 80s synth background loop with DVS rapping some television broadcasting metaphors giving the track a tron-esque feel. He then flips it by throwing in some wind pipes and getting very tranquil. This gives the track a very interesting contrast, but at only one minute and fifty seconds the synth loop is grossly underused and the track would of been better split into part one and two. Luckily compilation does feature some good mixing and the tranquillity blends nicely into the next track "Winter".

The strongest track on the album is without a doubt "The Anniversary Of Plastic Rappers" which has Mordecai the Foul spitting fire and doing the customary dissing of wack rappers.

Never Mind the Technical Difficulties is a good compilation just falling shy of being great. While most of the time it doesn't showcase the artists best work, it definitely provides a long list of artists to become familiar with. Oddly enough I think this album contains the most wind instruments that I have ever heard in a hip hop album ... incase you were wondering the album cover also includes giant boobs.

Sardless Tracks

  • The Anniversary Of Plastic Rappers
  • Say Little Girl
  • Black Fist

Track Listing

  1. Rhymenreason - The Geaux
  2. Ya’ll Don’t Want It - Chaundon
  3. Devons Lament - DVS
  4. Winter - A.L.L.I.E.S. (L.I.F.E. Long/Iomos Marad)
  5. Illegal Tender - Hellsent
  6. Speak Wisely (Dj Waht 9ether Hurt Rmx) - Khemenu (Infinito 2017 & 9th Scientist)
  7. The More Things Change - Truth Universal Ft. Evelyn Champagne
  8. Drip Drop - Respect (The God) Ft. Perverted Monks Afu Ra
  9. Sonny Man - Howard Nkosi
  10. Right On Time - 84 (Aul Purpis, Fatnice and Blaak The 9TH Mann)
  11. The Truth - Sketch 185
  12. Disappear - Dee Jackson & Thaione Davis
  13. The Anniversary of Plastic Rappers (The Geaux Re-Edit) -Mordecai the Foul
  14. It’s Cool - Adad
  15. Memphis - Imc
  16. Liberation - Labtekwon
  17. Say Little Girl - Nekaybaaw & Infinito 2017
  18. Castaway - Thaione Davis
  19. Shut Em Down - Drunken Monkeee
  20. Black Fist - Lyrikill & Juskwan
  21. Wind Blows (Dj Hen Boogie Rework) - Mars
  22. This Is More Than Rap (Testimony) - Max Ptah, Cosmo, SavSola & Fathom 9
  23. Social Destruction - Progress (Infinito 2017 & Sav Sola) & Nekaybaaw