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Busdriver - Computer Cooties

27 Nov 2010 macron1

Several months ago, the mysterious Busdriver revealed that he was working on a mysterious mixtape entitled Computer Cooties. Not just any mixtape, but a download with actual "computer cooties" that would infect your computer with a different virus on every track.

With the first mention of this Computer Cooties waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in March 2010, and several tantalising hints on the Busdriver twitter feed (see for example here, here, here and here), after 6 long months of waiting it seemed as if Computer Cooties was forever delayed. At one point Busdriver even mentioned Cooties was "fireballs" and being held hostage by his engineer.

So when it seemed like all hope was lost, a glimmer of hope emerged in late September, when a bored sounding Busdriver stated "A few days until #computercooties Get this shit off of my drive". Finally, October 5 2010, a day that will forever live on in infamy, Computer Cooties dropped. Was it worth the wait? Below is a summary of the poignant moments of Computer Cooties.

The first track, "Thick Enough" features a heavy cheese trance sounding beat, provided by "electronica dandy" Daedelus, over which Busdriver's heavily auto tuned vocal about full-figured woman glides. In the context of the rest of the collection, "Thick Enough" seems like an odd choice to kick things off and is kind of the weak point of the mixtape, but on multiple listenings you suddenly realise you have listened to it... multiple times and it is more addicting than it should be.

The second track is the titular "Computer Cooties", which successfully simultaneously covers and destroys the 2005 Wolf Parade track "You Are A Runner and I Am My Father's Son" for some reason - I mean, "You Are A Runner" came out 5 years ago - but you will be so glad he did.

"Encyclopaedia Wand" is the second track on the album to explicitly mention "computer cooties," and lets Busdriver showcase his sex rhymes in his usual incomprehensible million-words-a-minute style. Words to the effect of "awkward foreskin" can be heard on that one.

"Man Baby" is a weird re-imagining of the equally odd Flying Lotus instrumental "Computer Face / Pure Being", putting lyrics to the track in a way which Fly-Lo would probably never have imagined, but really probably should have. The lyrics on "Man Baby" are not "rapped" in the traditional sense, instead floating in and out of a sweet falsetto as Busdriver sings about (something or rather).

Elsewhere Busdriver remixes his own tack "Split Seconds", taking the original and morphing it into a kind of nightmare chant. Mostly what is interesting about this track is that it features that piano bit that also appears on Cypress Hill's "Prelude to a Come Up" and was originally sampled from Krautrock weirdos Amon Düül II - skip to 3:50 to HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN as the sampling of it is quite clever. ALSO amazing: cat-lighting-a-dudes-cigarette cover art on the Amon Düül II album.

"Speak Up" is all too brief clocking in at 1:40, and sounds almost like In The Mode era roni size (i.e. not the good period) with Busdriver spitting and crooning over it and making it awesome.

A highlight of Computer Cooties is a farting sounds cover of spooky Nosaj Thing track "Coat Of Arms", in which Busdriver provides almost all of the instrumentation vocally. It is simply the work of a half-madman genius.

Another highlight is "Coon Talk," in which Busdriver talks at a million miles an hour about his throbbing veiny cock, peeing on the floor and guilt-free deer sex amongst many, many other things. You can see Busdriver singing an early version of "Coon Talk" here, sung for some reason while he drives a car around with his mates.

While some might argue Computer Cooties is basically just a bunch of covers and throw-away tracks, somehow it is the album this reviewer has always wanted to hear from Busdriver - part concept album, part Busdriver simply being and doing crazy things for an extended period, doing the kind of crazy shit he has hinted at on his "regular" albums, but never takes to the satisfying extreme. Throw in contributions by Free The Robots, Daedelus, Anti-Pop Consortium, Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, you have what must surely be the FINEST MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR. Amazing shit and you pay nothing for it. Get Computer Cooties at Busdrivers site,

Sardless Tracks

  • Thick Enough
  • Man Baby
  • Deer God
  • Speak Up
  • Coat of Arms
  • Coon Talk

Track Listing

  1. Thick Enough (ft. Daedelus)
  2. Computer Cooties
  3. Man Baby
  4. Enyclopedia Wand
  5. Unibrow feat. Free The Robots
  6. Deer God feat. Open Mike Eagle
  7. Beats Way Sick (by Moderat)
  8. End Game (by Anti-Pop Consortium)
  9. Split Seconds (Modseleftor remix)
  10. Will He feat. Flying Lotus
  11. Flesh Glove feat. Daedelus
  12. Speak Up
  13. (In) Reverse (by Sister Crayon)
  14. Coat Of Arms (by Nosaj Thing)
  15. Coon Talk