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Girl Talk - All Day

17 Nov 2010 macron1

Over two years ago we accurately predicted the appearance in 2010 of a new album from editing software expert Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. "Girl Talk" (HE IS NOT A DJ; source). All Day is the name of the album that conveniently appeared with less than 50 days left in the year, sparing blushes at the sardless head office. Interestingly Gillis claims he was working on this album for over 2 and a half years, and the album contains over 370 samples.

There are plenty of interesting moments on All Day, such as the juxtaposition of sardless favourite "Liquid Swords" with Beck's "Loser" mixed in with some Jay-Z crap and a bunch of other shit to make something that sounds pleasing, or the ludicrous combination of ODB carping on over Radiohead's "Creep", a combination which is likely to spawn imitation (see: Jaydiohead from last time around). Of course, there is the requisite Nirvana sample, with "Aneurysm" + OutKast's "B.O.B." providing the beats for Three 6 Mafia. Elsewhere, Beyonce gets the treatment and is heard over the dulcet tones of that terrible M.O.P. "Ante Up" song (although I did like Bert and Ernie's cover they did about 5 years ago).

The combination of "Liquid Swords" era GZA, "Loser" era Beck, "B.O.B.", "Creep", Devo, 1993s It Was a Good Day et al highlights the currency of the material on All Day. Where Feed the Animals plucked seemingly primarily from a more contemporary selection, All Day for better or worse seems to feature a wider range in the age of the samples appearing and there is quite a bit of older material, although there is some newer stuff e.g. Drake (I guess) + others.

When you consider the progression of Girl Talk records to this point and the way that his style/sound has emerged - from nearly unlistenable bits and pieces of ADD in Secret Diary, to more distinct listenable "music" that could be considered as individual tracks in Night Ripper, to the hour long non-stop mashes of Feed the Animals, All Day treads the same territory of hour+ mash sounding like everything we have come to expect from the Girl Talk - more like a sequel to Feed The Animals than a distinct album, and still very listenable.

Where can he go from here? There was talk a while back about Gillis doing "actual songs" (whatever this means), so this is a possibility for what to expect in 2012 (MARK THESE WORDS), so in the meantime just be happy you get more of this fun to tide you over until then.

Sardless Tracks

  • (seamless version)

Track Listing

  1. Oh No
  2. Let It Out
  3. Thats Right
  4. Jump on Stage
  5. This Is the Remix
  6. On and On
  7. Get It Get It
  8. Down for the Count
  9. Make Me Wanna
  10. Steady Shock
  11. Triple Double
  12. Every Day