Album cover Don't Try To Stop It / Rust Belt Fellows - Sole & Kaigen
Don't Try To Stop It / Rust Belt FellowsSole & Kaigen6/10

Sole & Kaigen - Don't Try To Stop It / Rust Belt Fellows

25 Sep 2010 macron1

Hard-working MC Kaigen is back. Hot on the heels of the excellent Root Is The New Leaf released earlier this year with Meiso as part of the collaborative effort Kaigen21Meiso, Kaigen has teamed up with Anticon legend (and producer on a couple of tracks from Kaigen21Meiso) Sole, for a couple of singles Don’t Try To Stop It / Rust Belt Fellows.

The first track, "Dont Try To Stop It" opens sounding pretty evil, with a titular chant sounding like some creepy monks (or something) over some rather dark beats, and Sole talking about islands of butter in a sea of corn syrup, which sounds bad assed and is probably an allegory for something well over this reviewers head (fat people I think). Kaigen on the other hand, in his characteristic guttural style, raps on fragile Gordian knots of problems, with Sole contributing a chorus about the futility of trying to hold up falling buildings and reanimating the dead.

The second track on the EP (excluding the instrumentals and a cappella) is "Rust Belt Fellows". This track, produced by Thavius Beck, too has a moody feel, with an intro featuring a gunshot and blearing sirens. Subject matter is again bleak, covering capital accumulation and aspects of nutrition amongst other things. Overall the track sounds decent, but is for some reason a tad depressing.

Both tracks are very dark and menacing, sounding in parts similar to the work of Dälek. Kiagen's verses seem to be framed by unexpected subtle changes in pace, and this combined with the frequent disorienting switches between English and Japanese lyricism on both tracks contributes to an overall complex sound of the piece.

This smidgen of tracks inevitably leaves one wanting more, so looking forward to whatever Kaigen works on next. Don’t Try To Stop It / Rust Belt Fellows is available as a 12" here.

Sardless Tracks

  • Dont Try To Stop It
  • Rust Belt Fellows

Track Listing

  1. Dont Try To Stop It
  2. Dont Try To Stop It (Instrumental)
  3. Dont Try To Stop It (A Cappella)
  4. Rust Belt Fellows
  5. Rust Belt Fellows (Instrumental)
  6. Rust Belt Fellows (A Cappella)