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Motion Man - Adult Situations

11 Sep 2010 row1

It has been almost three years since the single was released, three years of waiting and wondering if Motion Man would ever release the full length album that the excellent sex-fuelled smooth funk "Pouring You Mo Champagne/Porno Mustache" single deserved. Thankfully the Unagi and Jethroe produced album delivers not only some of Motion Man's best pieces of solo work but also makes for one of the more interesting releases of 2010.

Straight off the bat it is hard not to directly draw comparisons between Adult Situations and Kool Keith's porno-core classic Sex Style. While the content on Sex Style would make most people blush, Adult Situations is a lot more discrete and with topics such as office romances, seduction and high school reunions it is also assumably more relatable than kinky golden showers. The following is about as explicit as it gets.

Stroke with her, if we get there, the latex'll cover me,
Over interject in your world,
Ejaculating make sure your toes curl,
Pouring you mo' champagne
Pouring You Mo Champagne

Unagi and Jethroe also keep the musical tone of the album a lot more upbeat, classy and soulful. This makes the overall package a lot more accessible than Sex Style and something you could bust out at your next social gathering without being branded an XXX freak.

Motion Man's flow is as smooth as ever proving that he hasn't been slacking between full length releases (the last being 2006s Pablito's Way). Lyrical C and D'WYZE turn up for guest spots and keep the album moving, with Lyrical C contributing to one of the albums best tracks "Smile". KutMasta Kurt and TomC3 both provide excellent remixes, rivaling the originals. Strangely, aside from some references and shout-outs Kool Keith is notably absent from the album. While initially a tad disappointing to not see Motion and Keith team up for their ritual one track collaboration, after listening to the album Motion Man and contributors provide more than enough to make the absence nothing more than a fleeting feeling.

Adult Situations looks like it will be the strongest contender for my album of the year and I only have two minor criticisms. The first being that on the surface the somewhat darker production and fast and short rhyme pattern on "Close Call" sounds out of place compared to the rest of the album. The second being that the 35 minute runtime is over all too soon, but as usual quality trumps quantity. Adult Situations is definitely some of Motion Man's finest work to date, get out there and support this guy!

Sardless Tracks

  • Pouring You Mo Champagne
  • Smile
  • Tell Me What You Want (TomC3 Remix)

Track Listing

  1. Pouring You Mo Champagne
  2. High School Reunion (ft. Lyrical C)
  3. Interoffice Romance
  4. Remodeling Job
  5. Youre The Woman
  6. Porno Mustache (ft. Lyrical C)
  7. Close Call
  8. Smile (ft. Lyrical C)
  9. Tell Me What You Want (ft. DWYZE)
  10. Night Stroll
  11. Interoffice Romance (KutMasta Kurt Remix)
  12. Tell Me What You Want (TomC3 Remix)