Album cover Days in Automation - A Troop of Echoes
Days in AutomationA Troop of Echoes6/10

A Troop of Echoes - Days in Automation

22 Jun 2010 macron1

Days In Automation is the first long player from Providence, Rhode Island experimentalists A Troop of Echoes. Listing influences from such disparate acts as Thelonious Monk, Sonic Youth, Coltrane, and fellow Rhode Islanders Lightning Bolt, what you are presented with on Days in Automation is pretty much what you would expect if you had an imagination awesomely powerful enough to imagine what all those listed influences might sound like if they were a single band.

Days in Automation makes use of a good deal of sax alongside the traditional rock set up, foregoing vocals. This immediately puts a mild JAZZ feel on the album for the casual listener, and all that saxophone can be a bit distracting at times. The driving rhythm section and noodling guitar however lend a mild post-rock/math edge to their sound. The finest moment comes with "Little Bird", opening with a hazy organ intro after which the chirpy sax comes in over some driving bass and drums, building in tempo for the duration and sounding as if it could collapse at any time if it were not held together by the tight rhythm, before petering out in a distorted hum. "New Breath" similarly teeters on the edge of collapse yet somehow holding it together over 8 minutes ++, and is another stand-out track for those looking for milder take on a noise-rock type sound.

Overall, if you are coming to Days in Automation from a love of instrumental music along the lines of the rock/math genre, you may be left a bit wanting on initial listening as it lacks a bit of punch in places. Taken on its own, Days in Automation is an absorbing listen, particularly for those seeking something unlike anything they would have likely heard before. For those who aren't... jazz rock anyone????????

Sardless Tracks

  • Little Bird
  • New Breath

Track Listing

  1. Hollywood Red
  2. Golden Gears
  3. Providence Public Defender
  4. Sungazing
  5. Little Bird
  6. Analog Astronaut
  7. End Over End
  8. New Breath
  9. Ascenders