Album cover We Are Dark - Infinito 2017
We Are DarkInfinito 20178/10

Infinito 2017 - We Are Dark

17 Apr 2010 row1

Infinito 2017, the Chicago native and self proclaimed worlds first regular black dude is prolifically up there with the likes of Kool Keith and Madlib (...combined) with an equally endless list of albums (aparently over 180 albums released to date) as well as 10 books and a few DVDs. In the spirit of all things sardless an Infinito 2017 album review is long over due.

The albums 16 tracks are produced by Black Sparx who bases the albums foundations on jazz ("Do you hear me" - sampling the popular Galt MacDermot) and 60/70s soul ("So Clearly"). Black Sparx doesn't entirely keep things slow in the jazz/soul realm and speeds the music and Infinito 2017 up on one of my favourite tracks "Texture".

Infinito 2017 does come across as a regular dude and for the most part the subject matter is about not limiting yourself with things that you can or can imagine relating to:

You think you special cause you went to schools?
Spend your lifetime acting like a fool,
Get drunk and being a bum,
Knocked out on a couch,
Go and play your part.
Learn Yourself

Overall I found this album to ooze quality, which is especially surprising after 180 plus releases. Black Sparx's more laid-back/relaxed/jazz/soul production suits Infinito's style and I found it to be a bit more focused (and of better audio quality) than 2009s South Side Chicago to Egipt by way of Memphis. Check it out.

Sardless Tracks

  • Do you hear me
  • Texture
  • So Clearly

Track Listing

  1. Sparx 2017 (Introduction)
  2. Learn Yourself
  3. Do You Hear Me
  4. Texture
  5. Spiritual Conditioning
  6. God Is Good (Skit)
  7. Adaptation (feat. Thaione Davis)
  8. Relations
  9. The Mother Plane
  10. Land of the Ill (feat. Knuckles Bandit)
  11. Current Events (Skit)
  12. TV Show Actors
  13. Eyewitness to Dopeness (feat. Life Long and Breez Evaflowin)
  14. Petes 3 Wings
  15. So Clearly
  16. World