Album cover 100 Proof (The Hangover) - Statik Selektah
100 Proof (The Hangover)Statik Selektah9/10

Statik Selektah - 100 Proof (The Hangover)

28 Feb 2010 row1

The third full length album from producer Statik Selektah brings frequent collaborators such as Termanology and Skyzoo as well as veterans Souls of Mischief and Kool G Rap to another accomplished release.

The first track "So close, so far" is a hopeful "what-if" song about the recent GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS (amongst other things), Wouldn't it be nice if the banks didn't fuck up the loans and people ain't have to move out their homes, with no GM or AIG and for that mater no cancer or A I D, and with the chorus going One world one heart, so close so far, no tears no scars it is in stark contrast when Lil' Fame starts the next track with If I ask you the top 10 greatest rappers dead or alive and you don't mention my name I'ma blacken your eyes. The rest of the album continues to switch it up with Smif N Wessun gangstering on "Follow We" The count's short of a couple of grand and I'm cuttin' off hands, Consqeuence and "his" troubled drinking (as per the albums title) on "Life is Short" I get inside the car and I open up my eyes and start to realize I'm in no condition to drive, and so I feel like Nick Hogan as the walls start to close in and Styles P & Talib Kweli's view on Hip Hop "The Thrill is Gone" I think NAS said "Hip Hop is dead" 'cause he couldn't see the culture in it, too many funny clothes, too many auto tunes, too many gangster.

Though the album's topics fluctuate, the one thing that doesn't is is Statik Selektah's production, the only track I felt a bit disappointed with (production wise) was Lil' Fame, Havoc & Kool G Rap's "Do it 2 Death", the song is by no means bad I just felt it could of been a bit heavier - along the lines of "Follow We". If Statik Selektah can continue his previous/current success throughout the new decade he might just end up on lists such as this.

Sardless Tracks

  • Bun B
  • Wale & Colin Munroe - So Close
  • So Far
  • Smif N Wessun - Follow We
  • Styles P & Talib Kweli - The Thrill Is Gone

Track Listing

  1. Inside A Change (Intro)
  2. So Close, So Far (feat. Bun B, Wale & Colin Munroe)
  3. Critically Acclaimed (feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price)
  4. Night People (feat. Freeway, Red Cafe & Masspike Miles)
  5. Follow We (feat. Smif N Wessun)
  6. Do It 2 Death (feat. Lil Fame, Havoc & Kool G Rap)
  7. Come Around (feat. Termanology & Royce Da 59)
  8. Drunken Nights (feat. Reks, Joe Scudda & J.F.K.)
  9. Life Is Short (feat Consequence)
  10. 100 Proof (feat. J.F.K.) (Interlude)
  11. The Thrill Is Gone (feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli)
  12. Get Out (feat. Skyzoo, Rapper Pooh, Torae & Lee Wilson)
  13. Laughin (feat. Souls of Mischief)
  14. The Coast (feat. Evidence, Fashawn &amp Kali)
  15. Fake Love (Yes Men) (feat. Reks, Kali, Termanology & Good Brotha)
  16. Eighty-Two (feat. Termanology)
  17. Walking Away (feat. Kali & Novel)