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Anagram Jam - Anagram Jam

15 Feb 2010 macron1

Anagram Jam is the latest and possibly only album produced by... Anagram Jam (aka Dom Thomas and Andy Votel), and is the result of several parts plenty of spare time + money + many many crates of records. With plenty of spare time and cash to purchase records at possibly 50c or more or less, these dudes have came up with not only an opus, but also a stupid word puzzle to keep the most fastidious of music dorks amused for hours. In their own words: Unscrabble the rabble to reveal the mixed-up monikers of your new favourite freak-funk psychedelic songsmiths!!!

Combining bits and pieces from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America and Spain, Anagram Jam is a collection of surf rock, tough funk and psychedelic oddities rescued from obscurity and, in the words of one reviewer, maximised, marmalised, shredded and preserved by Tandy Love & Mad Smooth (even the curators get the anagram treatment). The names of all the original artists have been scrambled alongside the original names of the contributing pieces so as to produce something that is equal parts infuriating and infuriatingly good, however they did miss an excellent chance to call the album Jag Man Rama (that works, right?)...

Tracks such as "Imp Girl" by Vandal Cock and "Stun Gun Mao" by I Kavalier taunt you with their hilarious names as well as their mysterious origins, and the titular anagrams seem apt but also lead you to question what might have been the original source. Identifying the source material becomes a mission in and of itself. In the case of "Jar Jee Jar Jaa" by April Phibia, the source material "Jare Ja Jare Ja" by Bappi Lahiri is mostly excellent and seemingly not in need of the anagram treatment, but it does not do any disservice to the O.G. material which you would have approximately 0±(Fuck All)% chance of listening to in the first place.

You could spend hours pointlessly searching the original artists and original tracks in an arguably pointless pursuit of musicoliterary satisfaction, however the knowledgeable folk over at Very Good Plus have saved you at least some of the trouble. "Gentle Onto God" by Eileen Jawsin" translates via anagram jam to "Do Not Go Gentle" by Jeannie Lewis, while "Polo" by Zodiac cleverly translates to "Loop" by Dizcoa, and "Carrer Cats Get Tiger Suits" by Chronicle Grime is/was "Cigarettes Sur Cigarettes" by a Michel Corringe. While these are all very good, they go on and on and on so we will stop here. There are several more discoveries to be had at Very Good Plus and elsewhere should anagram deciphering be your bag. It is not mine (too hard).

All in all, Anagram Jam is a most satisfying compilation of oddities that will keep the interested listener interested and the anagram enthusiasts satiated (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Finally, for bonus points, identify the anagram hidden within this review for MAJOR PRIZES.

Sardless Tracks

  • Polo
  • Jar Jee Jar Jaa

Track Listing

  1. Imp Girl - Vandal Cock
  2. Its Competition Time - Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
  3. Anagram Jam Part 3 - Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
  4. Solar Singe - Torchbearers Boil
  5. Stun Gun Mao - I Kavalier
  6. Gentle Onto God - Eileen Jawsin
  7. Anagram Jam Part 7 - Tandy Love & Mad Smooth
  8. Alias Earth-Lab - Alain Fish
  9. Ginseng Bird Rub - Reo Grey
  10. Jar Jee Jar Jaa - April Phibia & The Rule Her
  11. Mask It! - CBS Romania
  12. Loop - Dizcoa
  13. A Zebu Nuclear Junco - Jono Pelicio
  14. Dead Army - Cozy As Comfort
  15. Run Way - Ray Wun
  16. Carrer Cats Get Tiger Suits - Chronicle Grime