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6 Dec 2009 macron1

After months and months of messing around with Japanese language sites attempting to place orders without much idea of what was actually going on, as well as trawling the less savoury parts of the internet searching fruitlessly, it was the old faithful (and recently less-of-a-good-deal and potentially impossible to subscribe to in my current locale) eMusic was where it was finally found. The seemingly mythical, especially given the lengths required to procure it, 35min++ Nisennenmondai album?EP?track? Fan. Why this avenue was not explored earlier is not clear, as eMusic is carrying a good lot of the Nisennenmondai catalogue these days, with the previously reviewed Neji/Tori and Destination Tokyo all present, as well as the curious Rockon (is it Rockon?, is it Rokuon?, is it Rock'on?) replete with its emoticon named songs (e.g. --) and self-referential tracks. Things that are interesting about this situation are as follows: a) some albums are listed under "Alternative/Punk" (Rockon, _Fan), while others are listed under "Electronic" (Neji/Tori, Destination Tokyo), b) Rockon came out in 2006 yet it did not pass this reviewers ears until a couple of weeks ago, and c) i am only finding out that Nisennemondai are on eMusic… NOW!?!?!?!? Jesus.

Wasted life aside, Fan was released this year (2009), and, as noted above, is/is comprised of/a single, 35:17 track, difficult to classify as an album in and of itself, or just a track - although given it is available as a stand-alone product and does not appear on any album, the former seems applicable. All of this may seem uninteresting and unnecessary, and it is. What is interesting however is "Fan". The track seems to work in sets of 8, with a rambling 8 minute (!) intro of crunching guitar (?) noise, then the drums kick in, followed by a bass line dropping at approximately the 16 minute mark, after which some drum rolls begin to emerge at around the 24 minute mark, with the whole thing concluding in a characteristic Nisennemondai cacophony that has gradually been built up, and this happens at around ~32 minutes before petering out to its eventual inevitable conclusion.

Unfortunately, aside from the interesting octagonal progression, the track suffers from the feeling that it doesn't really go anywhere after all that time. It lacks that "oooooh" moment where you kind of feel like/can think to yourself "this is what this has all been leading up to". That is not to say the track itself is boring, it just seems to lack purpose. Admittedly, upon learning of the existence of this extra loooooooooooooooong track, what immediately sprung to mind is almost exactly what appears on the record - noisy, screwy wankery that is not good, not bad, just not much of anything other than a lengthy jam. At the expense of a large amount of interest, they have accomplished with Fan little more than that which they have done in the past on a "regular" (by their standards) length tracks - tracks such as "Mirrorball" off 2009's Destination Tokyo springs to mind - where they take much less time to do essentially the same thing.

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