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Lost Masters CollectionKool Keith7/10

Kool Keith - Lost Masters Collection

27 Nov 2009 row1

As with the first Lost Masters album (not so much number two) the third volume is a collection of unreleased tracks compiled and released strictly for fan service. Some of the tracks have appeared on his MySpace and people have been asking for them, so it is good to see CD quality versions available. The production is entirely done by Kool Keith and you can expect a familiar high hat/snare/clap sound.

The Lost Masters Collection is definitely a case of quantity over quantity, for the price of one album you are getting the new Lost Masters Volume 3 as well as the previous two volumes, this equates to 50 tracks and countless moments where you wonder if he is just testing the boundaries of what people will buy.

One of the few tracks on volume three that stands out is "Laid back in the sun" as musically it has a lot more going on and with having a decent video it seems like it has had more effort put into it. Other memorable tracks are "Magician" which has a piano loop and the hook delivered in a creepy/strange fahsion "The magician, abracadabra, don't make me perform another trick and laugh at you.". At the other end of the memorable scale is "Your Phone" which sounds like Keith has just come back from a jog, smoked a packets of cigarettes, run up the stairs to the studio and is out of breath, it also features some terrible singing.

If you haven't picked up any of the previous volumes and are interested in the more "experimental" Kool Keith, then this is definitely a great way to pad out your collection. If you already have the previous volumes then you are most probably like me and will buy it regardless.
To appreciate the album you really have to take it as what it is: a collection of B-sides. It succeeds at this and by the share volume (no pun intended) of tracks it can be considered a worthwhile purchase. Fans need only apply.

Sardless Tracks

  • Laid Back In The Sun
  • Magician

Track Listing

  1. Dance for You.
  2. Real Gold
  3. Laid Back in The Sun
  4. I am Computer
  5. Botswana
  6. California Fly
  7. Dunk on Them
  8. No Sucker
  9. Magician
  10. Space Center
  11. Motel 6 Super 8
  12. Your Phone
  13. Maxithong
  14. Tell Them How
  15. Future Galaxy