Album cover Satursnakes - Danny Deleto
SatursnakesDanny Deleto6/10

Danny Deleto - Satursnakes

25 Nov 2009 macron1

Satursnakes is the first EP from Canadian duo Danny Deleto. Released FOR FREE (link to zip file containing the EP) on the dudes website, it features a weird mishmash of electronic and instrument work, alongside some dubious vocal work. That being said, the EP sounds GOOD and NICE and also they have a funny name like Danny DeVito.

What makes this an interesting listen is the process that goes into compiling the tracks, "… [building] hip hop, electronic and indie rock songs with crunchy synths, mangled guitars and glitchy drums before smashing them to pieces and piecing them back together, fractured, sputtering and disjointed". This definitely is something that i might be interested in.

Sardless Tracks

  • Rock Bottom
  • its remixed counterpart
  • Rock Bottom (remix). Mr Demille is also good

Track Listing

  1. The wagging finger<br/>feat. James Romanuk
  2. Son of Snuts
  3. Twas twerth it<br/>feat. Owel Five
  4. Rock bottom
  5. Mr. Demille<br/>feat. Kwes and Owel Five
  6. Rock bottom (remix)