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The Damn Good EPGood Company8/10

Good Company - The Damn Good EP

19 Jul 2009 row1

I guess I might as well come out and say it, The Damn Good EP is pretty good (you saw that coming right?). I have been quietly following Godsendant music for over a year while they have been building up a talented catalogue of Artists (Atari Blitzkrieg, Megalon, Ravage) and with the release of The Damn Good EP Godsedant Music are joining Stones Throw Records and Threshold Recordings on my list of Alt-Hop labels to periodically checkout.

The 15 minute EP serves its purpose of introducing Good Company (MC Ayatollah Jaxx and producer Fundamental) as well as proving that they live up to their name. The simple drum loop makes "Ba Noodles" my pick of the EP. The other three tracks are more melodic and soulful, I hazard a guess that this is the sound that Good Company will be associating themselves with. Good Company has shown that they could easily go with either style and I am looking forward to hearing more of it on their LP.

Sardless Tracks

  • Ba Noodles

Track Listing

  1. The Intro
  2. Ba Noodles
  3. G.O.O.D
  4. Malcolm with a Mic