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Born Like ThisMF DOOM9/10

MF DOOM - Born Like This

2 May 2009 row1

MF DOOM (or DOOM as he now goes by), pretty much disappeared since his last LP The Mouse & The Mask in 2005. Apart from a random track far and few between it seemed as if he had vanished along with his anticipated collaboration Swift & Changeable with Ghostface Killah (also sometimes just Ghostface).

Apart from vocally sounding a bit older (or coarser) DOOM doesn't sound like he has just been sitting idle for four years, he is back as good as he ever was. However there are a few things that do make the album sound four years old. The first and most disappointing is the inclusion of the three year old Ghosftface collaboration "Angelz", this would have been better replaced by DOOM and Ghost's latest track Chinatown Wars or something unreleased. The second being the reuse of DOOM's Metal Fingers instrumentals; it is good to finally hear some vocals over these tracks but on an album this short and the long time between releases it is a bit of a disappointment to not hear something new. The third issue is the use of J Dilla samples/tracks, which is not a problem in itself, more that Stones Throw Records have already released J Dilla remixes to almost 2Pac posthumous levels. So their usage may sound all too familiar to some, however this reviewer thinks that the end result out weighs the "overuse".

Having missed being spoilt by the yearly DOOM releases it is great to have him back with a strong release, but as mentioned the album is quite short. The two tracks "featuring" Raekwon and Empress Starhh don't feature DOOM on the mic and the numerous skits even further reduce the amount of DOOM's vocal presence. But considering that the only real low point of the album is the homophobic superhero rant "Batty Boys" I can live with quality over quantity. The guest spots are well chosen with the Kurious track being one of the best (apart from Kurious shamelessly plugging his new album). Note: Some retailers incorrectly state that "More Rhymin'" features Kurious, for the correct track listing see above.

Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did you miss these rhymes when I was gone?
As you listen to these crazy tracks,
Check them stats then you know where I'm at.
That's That

Finally, to answer his question ... YES!!!
PS Please release a proper Madvillain sequel.

Sardless Tracks

  • Absolutely
  • Lightworks
  • Supervillanz

Track Listing

  1. Supervillain Intro (skit)
  2. Gazzillion Ear
  3. Ballskin
  4. Yessir! Feat. Raekwon
  5. Absolutely
  6. Rap Ambush
  7. Lightworks
  8. Batty Boys
  9. Angelz<br/>Feat. Tony Starks (Ghostface)
  10. Cellz
  11. Still Dope<br/>Feat. Empress Starhh
  12. Microwave Mayo
  13. More Rhymin
  14. Thats That
  15. Supervillanz <br/>Feat. Kurious, Slug &amp; Mobonix
  16. Bumps Message (skit)
  17. Thank Ya (skit)