Album cover Dr. Dooom 2 - Kool Keith as Dr. Dooom
Dr. Dooom 2Kool Keith as Dr. Dooom9/10

Kool Keith as Dr. Dooom - Dr. Dooom 2

8 Dec 2008 row1

Kool Keith returns as Dr. Dooom to finish of Dr. Octagon in this much anticipated sequel.

The album starts off rather abruptly, gone is the intro or any skits; instead the first track is indiscreetly aimed at Simon Cowell ( of American Idol fame) and proceeds to tell him where to go. At first Simon seems a bizarre and random choice but luckily it is all explained in this interview (although I am sure the whole point of having Simon on the show is to be rude and wind the audience up). Subject mater aside the track is one of the top tracks with Kutmasta Kurt providing a simple and horroresque piano and horn loop which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Kurt produces the album like it was a remix of an 80's slasher soundtrack, with most tracking being based around an eerie background loop.

First thing you gonna do as a journalist is compare this to the first Dr. Dooom,
Mopped Up

Well I guess some sort of comparison is needed. As with the first Dr. Dooom album there is a lot of talk about chopping up bodies and tips on cooking horse and dog meat, this time as with the musical production there are a lot of throw backs to horror movies such as Friday the 13th. The album is not just 52 minutes of horrorcore though, with things getting a bit serious during “Step-N-Fetchers” (again see the interview) and of course there is more than a bit of critic and rap industry bashing. While the first Dr. Dooom album was good (some even say his best) it did seem to be a bit fat around the edges, Dr. Dooom 2 culls the filler and is pretty much a non-skip hour.

Having grown up watching (where were the parents??) a lot of old horror movies the themes and shoutouts to Jason along with Kutmasta Kurt's themed production make it a some what nostalgic and unique album. As always it is filled with plenty of humorous/creepy/WTF lines which keep repetitive listens enjoyable. There are enough quality tracks to make it my favourite Kool Keith album since Project Polaroid, and in a way I am hoping that another Dr. Octagon album surfaces so that Dooom may yet again be forced to return.

As a side-note there is also a remix single of “R.I.P. Dr. Octagon” with Memory Man, TOMC3 and Junkaz Lou each rivaling the original in quality.

Sardless Tracks

  • Simon
  • The Countdown
  • Do Not Disturb

Track Listing

  1. Simon
  2. The Countdown
  3. R.I.P. Dr. Octagon
  4. Im Creepin
  5. I Followed You
  6. Run For Your Life<br/>feat. Fathed
  7. Step-N-Fetchers
  8. The God of Rap<br/>produced by TOMC3
  9. How Sexy feat. Denis Deft
  10. That Girl is a Monster
  11. Do Not Disturb
  12. Do Not Disturb
  13. Mopped Up
  14. Always Talkin Out Your Ass
  15. Surgery<br/>feat. Motion Man