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Tashan DorrsettKool Keith6/10

Kool Keith - Tashan Dorrsett

8 Oct 2008 row1

Announced over two years ago, Tashan Dorrsett is a new moniker from Kool Keith and French producer DJ Junkaz Lou. While it is a new alias it is not a typical character album like Dr. Octagon or Dr. Dooom, this time it is literally more down to earth with no masks or phasers and Keith (possibly) being Keith.

Having previously released two Kool Keith mix tapes and some other production spots some will be familiar with at least the name DJ Junkaz Lou. DJ Junkaz Lou produces the album without (as mentioned) the use of phasers or any other futuristic sound effects, the result is a varied rap album with styles ranging from Latin (La Chacha), to street (Flow Smooth) and to subcontinental (Indian).

Lyrically after all these years Keith is still no slouch; the only downside is the continual return of the defecation raps (see "The Real Beginer [sic]"), these look like that they are here to stay. Due to all his previous character and sci-fi albums some people seem to think Keith is a UFO chasing escaped mental patient, luckily on one of the albums stronger tracks "Black Lagoon" he addresses this probable misconception:

Some say I used to use Witchcraft,
Reports say I've been to Bellevue,
Sources read I practised Voodoo,
You tell me assholes what you assume is true?
Investigate all myths till you turn blue.
Black Lagoon

On the track "Industry" Keith emphasises even more that he is just a regular guy and not some out of touch celebrity:

It's the other side of town,
We don't know the password,
Regular people like me and you can't get down,
You gotta be strange,
Plastic like hell.

Tashan Dorrsett doesn't have any major downers (although the guest spots could have easily been cut) and is testament to Keith's uncanny ability to put out album after album while still (usually) maintaining a redeeming quality. It's a recommend album and maintains a consistent pace making it the perfect album to listen to in the car or train; for better of worse it doesn't go to any great lengths to appeal to those outside of Keith's niche market, although when you're a pro like him why should you?

Sardless Tracks

  • Above Sea Level
  • Black Lagoon
  • Track Runner

Track Listing

  1. Intro feat. Dj Junkaz Lou
  2. Supa Supreme
  3. Above Sea Level
  4. Flow Smooth
  5. Glamour Life
  6. La Chacha
  7. Magnetic Junkadelic<br/>feat. Ced Gee &amp; D.Eazy
  8. The Real Beginer
  9. Tashan...
  10. Booty Clap
  11. We Turn (Skit)
  12. Black Lagoon
  13. New Shhhiiit
  14. India
  15. Track Runner<br/>feat. Marc Live &amp; Dgiz
  16. Industry
  17. Zapp
  18. Magnetic Junkadelic (Junkadelic remix)
  19. Supa Supa Supreme (Larry Hutch remix)