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Sex StyleKool Keith8/10

Kool Keith - Sex Style

7 Apr 2006 row1

Note: There is also a bootleg version available "Erotic Man".

Forget Barry White, this is the worlds sexiest album ... well at least sexually explicit.
This album definitely makes it's mark as his first album released under the name 'Kool Keith'.

With this release Kool Keith or better known on this album as 'Big Willy Keith' invents the genre "porno-core".
Apparently Keith spent the advance from the Octagon album buying video equipment to make pornos, so I guess this is how the album came about.
The lyrics are sexually explicit which may mean it's not as appropriate as some of Barry Whites albums to romance your girl with.
So if your easily or even non-easily offended then you may not want to read on.

There are two official versions of this album.
The original release (1997) features the hidden track "Can I See Your Panties?" and is issued on a pink cd.
The re-release (2000) has the bonus track (but no hidden track) "Get Off My Elevator" and the music video for "Plastic World". Unfortunately it also apparently has gaps between each track.
Both versions are out of print.

As mentioned the lyrics are sexually explicit as well as being bizarre and even sick; but yet they are clever, funny and you can see just how much talent Keith has with writing and delivering lyrics.
Some of the more tame lyrics from the track 'Sex Style':

I enter New York, no problem with my dick out
California porno star, my ass you can lick out
Saying "What?" with sperm dripping down your partner's butt
I see MC's in my face with their ass up
Let me put my cape on, my rubber and my mask up
Not no horror-core shit, this is porno-core
I'm in the club naked man, I'm the fucking pro
Sex Style

Taking a stab at Gravediggaz Keith makes it clear that this album is porno-core and as the album goes on its quite clear that it is, think of this album as a porno for blind people.

An example of some funny/clever not so explicit lyrics from "Keep It Real ... Represent":

I heard you quit rap your wife went back to porno flicks
You turned drag queen a call girl doin tricks
Nighttime prostitute kid I'ma take your loot
I heard you queer now like Boy George, blowin flutes
With high heels, you stole your mom's birth control pills
You on some new stuff, I heard about that sex change
You got a vagina, your grandmother think it's strange
New eyeliner, you was flirtin with a gay designer
Keep It Real ... Represent

The original and different version of "Keep It Real ... Represent" can also be found on Ultra - Big Time.

KutMasta Kurt produces the whole album apart from the tracks "Make Up Your Mind", "The Mack is Back" and "In Your Face" which are produced by T.R. Love.
The production and beats are fantastic and an instrumental version would definitely be worth picking up if it was possible ... which it is not.
The album is almost 10 years old, yet the beats still sound fresh and suit the album perfectly.
I even noticed some of the beats being played as background music on America's Next Top Model (don't ask).

The Automator recorded and mixed the album, this must of been just before their feud over the Octagon project.

This album is definitely one of Keith's best albums, the rhyme flow is top notch and the beats are perfect.
If you don't mind the explicit lyrics then this need to be part of your collection, the only problem might be tracking it down. It's quite rare and some of the asking prices are crazy.
I was lucky enough to pick up the original in mint condition for 15$, I don't know how or why this happened but it was the deal of the century.

Sardless Tracks

  • Dont Crush It
  • Make Up Your Mind
  • Keep It Real ... Represent

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Sex Style
  3. Dont Crush It
  4. Make Up Your Mind
  5. Sly We Fly
  6. Plastic World
  7. Stuck On Pussy Drive
  8. Regular Girl
  9. The Mack Is Back
  10. Whats He Like?
  11. Still The Best
  12. In Your Face
  13. Lick My Ass
  14. Keep It Real ... Represent
  15. Little Girls
  16. After The Club
  17. Lovely Lady
  18. Get Off My Elevator (Re-issue only)
  19. Can I See Your Panties? (Hidden track on original)