Album cover Artz and Craftz - Kwite Def (Kamackeris)
Artz and CraftzKwite Def (Kamackeris)8/10

Kwite Def (Kamackeris) - Artz and Craftz

28 Oct 2007 row1

Kwite Def (aka Kamackeris of Monsta Island Czars) really stood out on Escape from Monsta Island!. Once again he teams up with X-Ray to produce another great album.

I am going to keep this review short, so instead of spending time reading a long review you can just buy it and know that not only you are buying a great album but you are also encouraging other indie artists to release more quality work.

Artz and Craftz is a great example of indie hip hop, Kwite Def is a master on the mic and X-Ray's production is once again stellar. The album's very consistent; while there is a lot of variation in the lyrical themes and production style the quality stays at a high level. There are also some guest appearances to keep things interesting.

Artz and Craftz will easily go down as one of my top albums of 2007 and and I would easily recommend it to anyone looking to check out indie hip hop.

Sardless Tracks

  • FYI
  • Khadijah
  • Just One

Track Listing

  1. All Is Fair
  2. Keep Smoking
  3. Killed Or Be Killed <br/>feat. Spiga , Rio & Foul Language
  4. Fyi
  5. Mocknecks
  6. Khadijah (aka Kadisha 2006)
  7. Bitches Aint Shit <br/>feat. King Cesar
  8. You Aint No Soldier
  9. Check The Jewlz <br/>feat. Darc Mind
  10. Live Life
  11. You Ill <br/>feat. Lotto , Don P & Raylong
  12. Just One