Album cover The Hand That Feeds You - X-Ray
The Hand That Feeds YouX-Ray8/10

X-Ray - The Hand That Feeds You

28 Aug 2007 row1

X-Ray (aka King Caesar) is one of my favourite 'underground' hip-hop producers, his cinematic and sometimes raw beats are distinct and very well done, 'The Hand That Feeds You' is a perfect showcase of X-Ray's production.

The album starts off with the title track and you instantly get that X-Ray sound with the duo of Uppa Notch providing a good flow over top.

Raylong is up next on the mic with a tightly looped beat; his delivery, catchy hook and X-Ray's beat make this one of the albums standouts.

The album continues along at a good pace with the next stand out track being 'True Believers' featuring Kong & Spiga from the Monsta Island Czars. The next stand out track 'Keep Smoking' also comes from a MIC Kwite Def(Kamackires).

Overall the album is a great showcase of X-Ray's production, with his style varying from cinematic 'I Want In' to contemporary piano 'Greatest Warriors'. A few more tracks would not of gone astray.

On a side note X-Ray should not be confused with the X-Ray who released 'Cursed We Are' and the X-ray who released 'X-Rated'.

Sardless Tracks

  • Get A Load
  • True Believers
  • Keep Smoking

Track Listing

  1. The Hand That Feeds You<br/>feat. Uppa Notch
  2. Get A Load<br/>feat. Raylong
  3. Cheese Nip<br/>feat. Darc Mind
  4. Big Plans<br/>feat. Don P
  5. Greatest Warriors (interlude)<br/>feat. D.J. YS
  6. What You Drinking<br/>feat. Bodega Allstars
  7. True Believers<br/>feat. Kong & Spiga
  8. Last Night We Cried Together (interlude)<br/>feat. Mazz
  9. Keep Smoking feat. Kwite Def
  10. I Want In feat. Steven King