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The Commi$$ioner 2Kool Keith4/10

Kool Keith - The Commi$$ioner 2

31 Mar 2007 row1

The Commi$$ioner 2 is Kool Keith's third (the other two being The Personal Album and The Commi$$ioner) limited release album. With only 1100 copies released, this is only meant for fans (or e-bay extortionist) who don't care how good or bad it is. I like the idea of limited release albums as it gives the artist a change to try something new without it being a commercial flop, only having 1100 copies guarantees that they will sell them all and keeps the die hard fans happy with new material.

As with the first Commi$$ioner album the majority of the tracks feature down pitched 'ransom' vocals. You either love or hate this vocal effect, I personally hate it and wonder how long before he puts out an album with computer generated vocals from Shit Talker. So if you liked first commi$$ioner album then you are bound to also like this.

The track inlay doesn't contain any production credits, but its safe to assume that all the beats are done by Keith himself. Keith has done a lot of production recently and The Commi$$ioner 2 continues with his distinctive sound, most of the tracks have that dark minimalistic KK beat. While most of the production is well done, one track 'The Caribbean' is one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard. The track has fast beats and vocals, but for the entirety of it there is a rambling 'reggae' guy whining in direct competition with Kool Keith rapping.

You could try class it as an experimental album, but how many Kool Keith releases aren't original and don't stray from mainstream hip hop? So it's not an experimental album, it's just Keith doing what he does best, redefining the sound of hip hop. Putting a score on this limited edition album doesn't make much sense, but for the sake of people considering buying it from e-bay for $100 I will. This personally autographed album is a good addition to your Kool Keith collection ... if you can get it for the regular price of $18.97. I got copy #1046 from and they have a few left so be quick! Paying an inflated price would be advised against as the album is different, but not really in a good way. Even though this album is far from a classic I hope Keith continues to make these exclusive albums, but also that he releases them on emusic.

Sardless Tracks

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Track Listing

  1. Cornfield
  2. Traffic Jam
  3. Knock On The Door
  4. Seattle Tacoma
  5. Shit Stains
  6. Bob Boss
  7. Report
  8. Bushman Tells It
  9. Rundown
  10. The Caribbean
  11. Running For Congress
  12. Border Patrol