Album cover Take Me to Your Leader - MF DOOM as King Geedorah
Take Me to Your LeaderMF DOOM as King Geedorah8/10

MF DOOM as King Geedorah - Take Me to Your Leader

3 Feb 2007 row1

MF DOOM releases yet another great album under yet another alias. This time the alias is King Geedorah [sic], a three headed space monster taken from the Godzilla character King Ghidorah.

Released the same year as Vaudeville Villain MF DOOM somehow managed to release two classic albums. Not only did he write and rap on the album, but he also produced the whole thing. I don't know how he does it and with his last few releases it doesn't look like he will be easing up.

As you might expect the album contains a lot of samples from old Japanese monster movies (as well as anime). The samples do suit the album but seem somewhat over used - there are three full length tracks which do not include any original vocals.

The production is very cinematic and really shows how accomplished doom is as a producer.

Doom vocally is not on the album very much (has only two solo tracks) but the guest artists do well to fill this void. Hassan Chop and The Monsta Island Czars (Gigan, Jet-Jagar & Rodan) make standout performances, the track "No snakes Alive" also appears on Monsta Island Czars - Escape From Monsta Island!.

Take Me to Your Leader is a great album to showcase Dooms abilities on and off the Mic and is very easy to recommend for anyone to check out. The only thing hurting this album is the lack of DOOM on the Mic and all the skits.

Sardless Tracks

  • Fazers
  • Krazy World
  • I Wonder

Track Listing

  1. Fazers
  2. Fastlane feat. Biolante
  3. Krazy World feat. Gigan
  4. The Final Hour
  5. Monster Zero
  6. Next Levels feat. Lil Sci, ID 4 Winds & Stahhr
  7. No Snakes Alive feat. Jet-Jaguar & Rodan
  8. Anti-Matter feat. Mr Fantastik
  9. Take Me To Your Leader
  10. LockJaw feat. Trunks
  11. I Wonder feat. Hassan Chop
  12. One Smart Nigger
  13. The Fine Print