Album cover VV2:Venomous Villain - MF DOOM as Viktor Vaughn
VV2:Venomous VillainMF DOOM as Viktor Vaughn7/10

MF DOOM as Viktor Vaughn - VV2:Venomous Villain

4 Jan 2007 row1

MF DOOM's second album under the guise of Viktor Vaughn. With MF DOOM being one of this sites favourite rappers and the first album getting a high score; there is a lot to expect from this release.

Just like the first Viktor Vaughn album Vaudeville Villain, Venomous Villain has no production from MF DOOM and has also has a electronic sound to it; the lyrics are also of a more darker/criminal style than other DOOM releases. Venomous Villain tries to emulate the first album and almost succeeds, but the main problem is the lack of substance.
The album only clocks in at round 30 minutes. This would be OK if the album was full on, but DOOM only appears for around 10 minutes of rapping and there is only three tracks with just Doom on it. The guest rappers don't really add anything to the tracks apart from Kool Keith on "Doper Skiller", which is one of the albums highlights.
Perhaps DOOM was being serious when the first thing he says on the album is:

Dub it off your man
Don't spend that 10 bucks
I did it for the advance the back end sucks.
Back End

VV2:Venomous Villain is a decent album, it just needs to have a bit more depth. As long you don't expect it to be on the same level as Vaudeville Villain it's a worthwhile purchase..

Sardless Tracks

  • Back End
  • Doper Skiller
  • Pop Quiz

Track Listing

  1. Viktormizer (Intro)
  2. Back End
  3. Fall Back/Titty Fat
  4. Doom On Vik
  5. Rap Game<br/>feat. Manchild &amp; Iz-Real
  6. Dope Skill feat. Carl Kavorkian
  7. Doper Skiller feat. Kool Keith
  8. Haberdashery (Interlude)
  9. Ode To Road Rage
  10. Bloody Chain feat. Poison Pen
  11. Strange New Day
  12. Pop Quiz (Extra Credit Remix)