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IsPrincess Superstar7/10

Princess Superstar - Is

30 Oct 2006 row1

The first song I heard from Princess Superstar was 'Bad Babysitter', all the jerks on the radio were saying she was a bad ass Britney Spears and the female Eminem. Not really knowing much about her I just shrugged her off as a gimmick. Then about two years later after hearing the song 'Keith 'N Me' featuring Kool Keith I apologised and brought the CD.

The album starts of great with Kool Keith doing a game show skit and then Princess Superstar getting into a fast paced rap on 'Super Fantasy'. Then is 'Bad Babysitter' which has got some funny lines but I like to skip it. The next song 'Keith 'n Me' is easily the albums best and one of my favourite Keith features.
From this high it keeps up the sexual innuendo, references and clever lyrics but just seems lacklustre and didn't really hold my interest. There is nothing wrong with the rest of the album but it just doesn't have any other standout tracks.

Sardless Tracks

  • Keith n Me
  • Super Fantasy
  • I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)

Track Listing

  1. Super Fantasy
  2. Bad Babysitter feat. DJ Mighty Mi
  3. Keith N Me feat. Kool Keith
  4. Wet!Wet!Wet!
  5. We Got Panache
  6. Trouble
  7. You Get Mad At Napster
  8. Untouchable Part 2 feat. Beth Orton
  9. Untouchable Part 1 feat. 7even
  10. What Is It? feat. JZone
  11. Welcome to my World
  12. I Love You (Or at Least I Like You) feat. JZone
  13. Who Writes Your Lyrics
  14. Dichotomy
  15. Keith N Me (Remix) feat. Kool Keith
  16. Too Much Weight feat. Bahamadia