Album cover The Return of Dr. Octagon (OCD) - Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon
The Return of Dr. Octagon (OCD)Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon2/10

Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon - The Return of Dr. Octagon (OCD)

23 Jul 2006 row1

The controversial sequel to Kool Keith's most famous album. It wouldn't be the first time Keith has been used and abused by putting him on top of dance music. Keith states that he doesn't support or not support this album...

There is no doubt that Kool Keith's original Dr. Octagon album is his most popular and famous. So it's little surprise that a sequel would be released. The sequel had been talked about it for years and it looked one would happen when Kool Keith and Fanatik J teamed up for 'The Return of Doctor Octagon' in 2002. That has yet to be released (more on that soon). Then there was the bootleg Dr. Octagon Part II in 2005 and earlier this year there was a sequel of sorts Nogatco Rd.
Now we have 'The Return of Dr. Octagon' released by OCD records.
I wont go into the details of the alleged legal issues with this record but apparently they are using some vocals which Keith had to give them due to contractual obligations as well as some from Fanatik J's version which they supposedly don't have the rights to.
It's hard to separate the rumours from the truth but after listening to this album I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't 100% legit.

First of all this album features dance music behind Kool Keith's vocals. There is nothing wrong with this approach as Keith has had success previously using 'dance' music (e.g. The Prodigy albums) so I did not write this album off straight away.
Not knowing much about what is good dance music and what isn't I am willing to say that the music itself is not that bad, some of it sounds like it might go well on a dance compilation CD ... but unfortunately it does not go well on a hip-hop release, especially a Kool Keith one.

Apart from the music the other major problem is the lack of Kool Keith and its length (34 minutes).
Most songs just feature a few Kool Keith lines looped over and over again, the skits probably contain more Kool Keith vocals than any of the actual songs...combined.
The song 'Eat It' - Kool Keith feat. Princess Superstar, should be renamed 'Eat It' - Princess Superstar feat. Kool Keith as the whole 5 minutes features A LOT of Princess Superstar verses but just one Kool Keith line looped over and over as the chorus.
This lack of Kool Keith really questions the legitimacy of the album.

To Kool Keith fans I say this album is rubbish and isn't worth checking out. If you can't get enough Octagon check out Nogatco Rd or wait for the upcomming Fanatik J version of this album.
To dance fans check it out and let me know if this is good for a dance album ... I suspect that it's not.
One thing I can't understand is how favourable other reviews of this album are, saying that it's one of the great rap albums of the year, perhap$ $omeone convinced the reviewer$ of thi$....

Sardless Tracks

  • Its the morning

Track Listing

  1. Our Operators Are Masturbating (Skit)
  2. Trees
  3. Aliens
  4. Ants
  5. Dont Worry Mz Pop Music (Skit)
  6. Perfect World
  7. The Turtle (Skit)
  8. Al Green
  9. A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck
  10. Got Any Kids? (Skit)
  11. Doctor Octagon
  12. Its The Morning
  13. Jumpstart
  14. Eat It feat. Princess Superstar