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O.K.Kool A.D.10/10

Kool A.D. - O.K.

23 Jan 2017 row1

Okay, so this 100 track mixtape is over six and a half hours long and is available right now for the everyday low price of name your price. I've had it on rotation for over one year and have put off writing anything about it as the task of trying to sum up such an epic project is more than daunting. The journey consists of mostly hip-hop tracks, but does veer into a few other genres such as jazz, experimental, and things get a bit bumpy with the punk tracks (from his former band New Earth Creeps). How someone can release a 100 track album that is mostly smooth+ sailing all the way (and also ignoring that he has released two other 100 track albums as well as numerous other releases since O.K.) is well beyond me and deserves many of the highest accolades.

The tracks where Kool A.D. (or guests) excels are the usual suspects where he is either being ridiculous, profound, rehashing lyrics (either his or someone else's), or making semi-obscure references. And thankfully, the majority of the tracks feature at least one of these qualities. The album does start to falter a bit during the last 15 tracks (apart from 'DUM DIARY'), but given that there are more than enough hot tracks to fill a standard length album this can easily be overlooked and O.K. can be awarded a perfect ten out of ten. Even with a top score, with over six hours of music you do run into the risk of fatiguing out, so it might be best to not try and tackle this all in one go.

I would like to end this summary with a great and inspiring quote from the track 'U LIKE DAT':

You might be a wiener, but sometimes, wieners are cool, cool as your favourite auntie.

Sardless Tracks

  • HUEZ UV LITE feat. Plinio
  • U LIKE DAT feat. Amaze 88
  • THIS GIRL IS RICH feat. Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K.
  • LIFE OF PI feat. Raw Don, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire & Michael Christmas
  • YOUTH SPEAKS feat. Loren Hell & Amaze 88
  • WASSUP feat. Raheem Recess
  • CLASSIC MAN feat. Safe