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Feature MagneticKool Keith6/10

Kool Keith - Feature Magnetic

18 Sep 2016 row1

In a world filled with cheesecake rappers, Kool Keith releases his second album of 2016 to remind you that he is just as active as ever and still has something absurd to say.

Number One Producer aka Kool Keith produces all tracks on the album apart from 'Bonneville', 'Tired' and 'Life'. And from the get-go it does have that signature Number One Producer sound, a sound that has improved (or at least grown on me) over the years, but still hasn't really evolved into anything to rival notable producers in his discography.

The album is packed with 13 guest appearances. For reasons that should be obvious, DOOM on 'Super Hero' is the most anticipated track, but sadly the track falls short—the lyrics, delivery, production from all involved sounds tired and underwhelming. B.A.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty feature on Feature Magnetics second best track, 'World Wide Lamper'. Number One Producer's beat really started to grow on me as it ear-wormed itself into my brain, and the music video is amusing—directed by Nicholaus Goossen, who directed Grandma's Boy, which had a poster of Dr. Dooom in it, who featured on the soundtrack... The best track for me would have to be the reflective 'Tired' (produced by Ocean Ave Records). It's a welcome change to hear the overachieving Keith rap about something more meaningful than outlandish sexcapades. This serious note is further expanded upon on 'Peer Pressure' which amongst other things touches on mass shootings.

Overall a solid, but not sensational album.

Sardless Tracks

  • World Wide Lamper
  • Tired
  • Cold Freezer

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Stratocaster feat. Godfather Don
  3. MC Voltron feat. Craig G
  4. Super Hero feat. MF DOOM
  5. World Wide Lamper feat. B.A.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty
  6. Bragging Rights feat. Psycho Les
  7. Girl Grab feat. Necro
  8. Bonneville feat. Mac Mall
  9. Tired feat. Ed O.G.
  10. Cold Freezer feat. Bumpy Knuckles
  11. Peer Pressure feat. Slug of Atmosphere
  12. Life feat. Sadat X
  13. Writers feat. Ras Kass
  14. Cheesecake (Bonus Track)