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The Jump RoomFat Hed8/10

Fat Hed - The Jump Room

1 Dec 2013 row1

Lo-fi sci-fi hip-hop is a sub-genre that makes a lot of sense. Everybody loves B-grade sci-fi flicks and everybody loves hip-hop, so it is a very successful result when combined with Fat Hed's unique sound—which reminds me of Shock G's Humpty Hump persona. Being mixed and mastered by KutMasta Kurt the album features Kurt's frequent collaborators Motion Man, Memory Man and TOMC3.

The album's highlights come when a track commits to a lo-fi and/or sci-fi theme. Fat Hed's style really shines on 'Clouds' where he will break into short fast paced raps and then pauses—this works well to capture the paranoia required for a track about UFO conspiracies. A simple drum loop with some static distortion on 'West Los Angeles' breaks the sci-fi theme, but gives a good 'insight' into living in West L.A. The cinematic production of TOMC3 on 'Heavy Matter' would be more than fitting for a contemporary B-grade+ sci-fi film.

At 27 minutes the album is short and is padded out with a few short interludes—thankfully these aren't distracting and provide a reasonable track transition. But everyone always admires quality over quantity and Fat Hed delivers on that front. The Jump Room is currently free, so there is no reason not to at least sample what surely must be one of the best sci-fi themed hip-hop albums of the year (and possibly of the last few years) and the mostly lo-fi production can only add further to its charm.

Sardless Tracks

  • Clouds
  • West Los Angeles
  • Heavy matter

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Clouds feat. Tha Conclusion prod. by Millionwatts
  3. L i g h t w o r k e r s feat. Lonjevity & Jmaddox prod. by Millionwatts
  4. Gold (skit)
  5. West Los Angeles prod. by Nocturnal Ron
  6. Mega mega mega prod. by Memory Man
  7. 3:33 prod. by J Naykit
  8. Moving cosmic prod. by Peyote Cody
  9. Holla at me pelón feat. Motion Man prod. by Tcheep
  10. mpc3po prod. by Jnaked
  11. Heavy matter feat. Jmaddox prod. by TOMC3
  12. Outro prod. by Selekta Fada