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Bangladeafy - The Briefcase

31 Jul 2013 macron1

Bangladeafy are a two piece (set of drums and a bassman) deal from somewhere that burst on to the scene several years ago with their album This Is Your Brain on Bugs which was very, very good and managed to crack the coveted Sardless end of year top album list for 2012 even though it come out in 2011, it was that good! The Briefcase is their latest effort and this review is about that.

The first track of The Briefcase is entitled 'Fruit Flies' and introduces the listener nicely to Bangladeafy: song is ostensibly about bugs (common Bangladeafy theme), features some scratchy scream vocals atop a kind of creepy fast noodling bass, and segues into a spacey interlude that has some nice effects going on before finishing up with some more of the singers characteristic vocals.

The second track, 'Elixir' is probably the best of the 6 on show on The Briefcase, particularly the part that begins at about 1 minute and 5 seconds. It has a cool relaxing "ahhhhhh" sound that sounds cool and I could listen to that bit for several minutes. The track opens really fast and the whole song is fast and it is the best one. 'Dumpster Fire' has some pretty brutal bass that you can feel in your stomach and across your nose and eyes at points if your are listening hung-over.

The Briefcase sees Bangladeafy make use of an array of instrumentation and effects, including old-time piano on 'Tubes,' and at the start of the track 'Show Me The Gold' there is a sample of a bee swarm or a fly swarm, and a sample that sounds like it is from a Western with that pan-flute sounding noise you hear in cowboy movies (like this). The heavy synth intro to the final track 'Pest Control' is pretty interesting. This track also features a pogo-sounding effect at the beginning before what sounds like an 8-bit crowd cheer, and then some organ sounding bits that keeps it all very surprising and interesting then finishes off very dramatically with a piano solo amid some creepy synth.

Indeed the whole album is fucking creepy, as was This Is Your Brain on Bugs, these guys just make creepy shit. The throbbing low tones of bass and the intense hurried drums and various other bug swarming sounds and aural fuckery combine to make you feel a bit sick and hot and disoriented. These experiences do not not detract from the hot tunes and musicianship, and serve to illustrate the multisensory experience that is The Briefcase and Bangladeafy.

The collection clocks in at a brief 14.8 minutes, yet The Briefcase packs in more ideas than the usual human might have across several hours in a day. You can get it at their Bandcamp webpage for $6.

Sardless Tracks

  • Fruit Flies
  • Elixir
  • Pest Control

Track Listing

  1. Fruit Flies
  2. Elixir
  3. Dumpster Fire
  4. Tubes
  5. Show Me The Gold
  6. Pest Control