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Brostein EPAction the Man7/10

Action the Man - Brostein EP

8 Jun 2013 row1

Action the Man is a Norwegian rapper who raps in what I assume is Norwegian. As Brostein EP is recorded in a language foreign to me, it makes it easier to review it purely on how it sounds (but on the flip side it may mean that I end up inadvertently endorsing shit like this).

The album has a very bleak cover art of some pavement (Brostein seems translates to cobblestone), which when taken into account alongside some Google translations, a music video, the somber production and vocal style, makes me inclined to state that Brostein EP is an emotionally reflective release. But that may not completely be the case as 'Altfor Reint Rulleblad' may or may not be about rollerblades.

Action the Man's rapping style is mostly hit, but on occasion, a bit miss. On 'Bergen Supply' he slows it down a lot in places (borderline too much), but it jells well with the track's slower tempo and wailing music. His flow on 'Altfor Reint Rulleblad' is timed more perfectly and a bit "cooler" to match the laid back sound. The misses are on 'Getto' where a few times it sounds a bit too much like whinging and on 'Rævolusjon' where the rapid in your face delivery and production sounds at odds with the rest of the album.

I found the 23 minute journey into Norwegian hip-hop to be a rewarding one and a great addition to the Russia Roulette feature. While I will not be delving deeper anytime soon, I can recommend at least checking out the music video for 'Komme Opp' to get an idea about what is musically going on over in Norway.

Sardless Tracks

  • Komme Opp
  • Altfor Reint Rulleblad

Track Listing

  1. Komme Opp
  2. Getto
  3. Rævolusjon
  4. Altfor Reint Rulleblad
  5. Bergen Supply