Album cover Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba - Vortx of Distorsun
Biko Bantu Congo LumumbaVortx of Distorsun8/10

Vortx of Distorsun - Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba

1 Jun 2013 row1

Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba is the fourth collaborative album from Chicago's Infinito 2017 and California's Vortx of Distorsun. Their first album Children of the Sun introduced them as a breath of fresh air in alternative yet accessible hip-hop, Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba continues this with a slightly more experimental style and sound.

Jazzy beats are still the mainstay of the collective's sound, but the tracks 'black market' (produced by Efua Dalmar Nwugo) and 'rights not civil' (produced by Marc B) show that they are equally skilled with electronic hip-hop. Infinito 2017 also changes his style on occasion—most notably on 'unrule lee - begin' where he starts off slow and then builds up momentum by putting a strong emphasis on the rhyming words.

As we have come to expect, Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba is an engrossing listen with calls to question the norms of society. The biggest flaw in this diamond is that half of the tracks are two minutes or less in length—this is especially evident on 'off 99' and 'broken day rules' where Infinito 2017 takes his sweet time to pick up the mic. Track lengths aside, Biko Bantu Congo Lumumba is an amazing album and packs a lot of depth into a small package, it also makes me once again wish that their previous album 'Colored' was available digitally.

Sardless Tracks

  • unrule lee - begin
  • rights not civil
  • broken day rules

Track Listing

  1. unrule lee - begin
  2. black market
  3. off 99
  4. conversation repeat
  5. rights not civil
  6. nu feeling
  7. trust uneasy
  8. dont pretend part. 2
  9. take fine point
  10. broken day rules
  11. unrule lee - end