Album cover Black Caesar Mob Shyt - Big Sche Eastwood
Black Caesar Mob ShytBig Sche Eastwood5/10

Big Sche Eastwood - Black Caesar Mob Shyt

26 May 2013 row1

The title and inspiration for this album comes from the 1973 blaxploitation film Black Caesar, a gangster film which credits James Brown with the soundtrack. So as you might expect, musically Black Caesar Mob Shyt has an old school gangster funk sound and has Big Sche doing a good job of switching between rapping and singing to complete that 70s vibe. Big Sche's lyrics such as I got big dreams, 'cos I'm a big dog, I eat up everything, 'cos I'm a big hog on 'Gangstas Gone Keep They Kool' are relatively simple and delivered in a low tempo. This style makes up the bulk of the album, which in itself is fine, but it is a bit bland and fails to create an engrossing cinematic experience that you would expect from such an album. Kool Keith makes and appearance halfway through on 'Bootys Low', but he also fails to bring any real excitement to the album.

Overall, there are no major problems with the album. The 19 minutes are over all too soon without really leaving anything too memorable behind. More of a missed opportunity than a failure.

Sardless Tracks

Track Listing

  1. Heart Of A Gangsta
  2. Hard In The Streets
  3. Bootys Low feat. Kool Keith
  4. Old School Mack Dad Shyt
  5. Gangstas Gone Keep They Kool