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Demented ThoughtsThe Cenobites4/10

The Cenobites - Demented Thoughts

4 May 2013 row1

Demented Thoughts is a collection of tracks that were thought to have been lost during the Cenobites recording sessions made between 1993-'96. It was originally released a few years back as a limited vinyl run of 200 units at $80 a pop on One Leg Up Records. This put it out of reach for a lot of fans (myself included), but thanks to modern technology, it is also now available as an mp3 release and with a few additional tracks to boot.

Releasing the album under the Cenobites name is misleading as Kool Keith only appears on the homophobic 'Slaves' (although my ear detects a few Kool Keith samples throughout). The bulk of the EP is just Godfather Don. This in itself is not a bad thing as Godfather Don is an entertaining rapper, but it would have been nice to have included the previously leaked but unreleased 'You Lose,' 'Lazy Woman,' 'Cold Peein' On 'Em,' 'Break 'Em Down' and 'We Can Do This (feat. Mike L & TR Love)' which do feature Kool Keith. The EP could have especially done with those tracks as 'Stretch & Bob Buggin' Out' is just those two goofing off to Krafwerk's 'Trans-Europe Express', there is a superfluous extended version of 'MC's Out To Murder The World' as well as two instrumental tracks. Like the Cenobites LP, the recordings are very lo-fi and it is very believable that they have been sitting lost in a pile of old cassettes for 15 years.

Despite the lost opportunity, Demented Thoughts is an interesting lost piece of Godfather Don's work during the Cenobites era. It is unfortunate that there aren't more Kool Keith tracks—something that I am sure most people picking up this album would be expecting—but at least they are upfront about Keith only being on one track, unlike some more deceptive recently reviewed albums. A good release for collectors who must have everything, but not much for others hoping for more of the Cenobites LP.

Sardless Tracks

  • Hawaii
  • Slave of New York

Track Listing

  1. Hawaii feat. Bobbito
  2. MCs Out To Murder The World
  3. Don, Don, Don
  4. Thats How Im Goin Out
  5. Hot Crib Promo feat. Cage
  6. Slaves (Original Mix) feat. Kool Keith
  7. Stretch & Bob Buggin Out
  8. Slave of New York
  9. MCs Out To Murder The World (Extended Mix) feat. Scaramanga
  10. MCs Out To Murder The World (Instrumental)
  11. Thats How Im Goin Out (Instrumental)