Album cover The Cenobites LP - Kool Keith & Godfather Don
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Kool Keith & Godfather Don - The Cenobites LP

28 Apr 2013 row1

In many ways The Cenobites is the the epitome of underground hip-hop. It originally saw a limited release EP in 1993 complete with the title spelt incorrectly as Cenubites, wasn't available on CD until 2000, has a very lo-fi sound, the rapping début of a radio DJ, and most importantly, it was recorded in a basement.

Recorded after Godfather Don's work on The Four Horsemen and before Kool Keith went solo with Ecologyst, The Cenobites album continues with the jazz rap sound laid out in The Four Horsemen and fits right in with the sound that was coming up in the late '80s and early '90s. It probably also marks the last Kool Keith album before he completely left the orbit of the rest of the hip-hop world, both sonically and lyrically.

Unsurprisingly the album is a bit all over the place in regards to lyrics and is suitable for a game of Kool Keith Bingo™ with the WWF shoutouts in 'Lex Luger', the crack fiend contents and delivery of 'Rhymes I sniff', the somewhat sombre 'Keep On' and of course the obligatory scathing attack on the rap industry in 'How the Fuck You Get a Deal'. The ad-lib sounding 'Kick a Dope Verse' and 'Mommy' are the album's highlights with Keith, Don and Bobbito genuinely sounding like they are in a basement freestyling and having fun with this release.

And I'm a finish right here 'cos,
I forgot the other parts of the rhymes,
This is something that certain somebody never done,
People don't always do this,
But this is a record that I wanna talk it out,
I wanna reason with you,
I wanna get the deal,
I wanna show girls that I love them,
I wanna hold them tight

Kool Keith 'Mommy'

The Cenobites is without a doubt an early '90s classic and really makes you wonder why more didn't come from the combination of Kool Keith and Godfather Don. It is not an easy album to track down, but thankfully you can easily find the full album and the unreleased tracks on YouTube.

Sardless Tracks

  • Kick A Dope Verse
  • Mommy
  • Keep On

Track Listing

  1. Lex Lugor
  2. I Was Forgotten
  3. Kick A Dope Verse feat. Bobbito
  4. Mommy
  5. Youre Late feat. Percee P
  6. Rhymes I Sniff A.K.A. Carlos Died
  7. Keep On feat. Bobbito
  8. How the Fuck You Get a Deal
  9. Kick A Dope Verse (Battered Baby Seal Remix)
  10. Return To Zero