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MaverickGay Witch Abortion7/10

Gay Witch Abortion - Maverick

21 Apr 2013 macron1

Gay Witch Abortion is a Guitar and Drums outfit from Minneapolis, MN, comprised of Shawn Walker and Jesse Bottomley (Last FM, 2012). The only problem these guys might have is that they did not give themselves a terrible enough name. They could've went with something offensive e.g. "Three Meat and Vag," "Mom's Tits," "Nazi Obama", but instead they took the tactful route with "Gay Witch Abortion". This name is something my mum might not like, but forget her friend, I am here to party. She (the mum) is not in the target market that Maverick might attract e.g. angry virgins, beardos, guys that eat fish tacos by themselves on Saturday at lunch time etc. So right off the bat, big mistake there #losers #albumsales #topdollars #$$$.

As a consequence of the short-sighted name decision, most of Maverick is great but most of my co-workers wont listen to it, which is a shame because there are some nice songs on there. 'Scythian Skulls' begins with a spine tickling noodle atop some steady drums. All the great guitar bits are not bad and the drums are played proficiently and menacingly and it all gets calamitous for about 10 minutes after that drifty intro. Tracks like 'Wavey Graves' and 'Curses' are great tunes for a surfing lifestyle and conjure images of not going to work. 'Third World Limo' suffers from the problem of having a great name and being played well and being a good song but my neighbour's kids probably wont get to hear it.

Seems like a waste of these tunes. A lot of the album has this same problem of having too many great tracks being played by competent musicians in an album situation but people don't like Witches and they don't like abortions—but then if you really think about it, if the Witches are gay, then why are they having abortions? So many unanswered questions remain.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being bad and 10 being good, Gay Witch Abortion - Maverick is worth a listen. The main qualities enjoyed by the reviewer included 1) absence of vocals on most of the tracks, and b) the general fast paced nature, and lastly the song names are imaginative e.g. 'Action Cop'. The artwork on the bandcamp is also funny and terrifying. Also I have a lot of Gay Witch Abortion entries in my search history. Cops, be cool!

Sardless Tracks

  • Church Buffet
  • Girl Pop Soda
  • Third World Limo
  • Action Cop
  • Scythian Skulls

Track Listing

  1. Down With Giants
  2. Stain On The Floor
  3. Action Cop
  4. Unblinking Sun
  5. Third World Limo
  6. Your Own Militia
  7. Church Buffet
  8. Group Think
  9. Girl Pop Soda
  10. Wavey Graves
  11. Curses
  12. Scythian Skulls
  13. Asleep In The Dirt