Album cover Thugz Alwayz; the Sequel (Hood Tales) - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Thugz Alwayz; the Sequel (Hood Tales)Bone Thugs-n-Harmony4/10

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Thugz Alwayz; the Sequel (Hood Tales)

21 Apr 2013 row1

The first Thugz Alwayz was a decent but dubious mixtape selling at studio album price and full of previously released tracks—many of them relabelled with different titles. The sequel Hood Tales however takes this cash grab concept a too bit far. Putting aside the lack of effort put into the cover art, there was an incredible lack of effort put into the track selection. We once again have a track ('When I Die') included from Krayzie Bone's solo album Thug Mentality 1999—I assume this is because the track like this album was released on Krayzie Bone's ThugLine Records (The Life Entertainment). The quality takes a dip with 'What They Do' sounding like it was dubbed off the cassette version by a mobile phone. But most dumbfounding is the inclusion of 'Pimpz, Thugz & Hustlaz' which was on the original Thugz Alwayz. Most of the remaining tracks come from other mixtapes such as Book of Thugs, Behind the Harmony, DJ U-Neek's Thuggish Mix CD, Uni5: The Prequel, and The Fixtape Vol.3 (special Delivery).

In terms of positives, 'My Hood Blues' is a street harmony in classic Bone style, but it does take a few missteps by including a 45 second news snippet as the intro and Krayzie Bone calling something "preposterous nonsense"—a combination of words that really sound unsuitable in a rap song and perhaps even in the modern world. The Notorious B.I.G. remix 'Spit Game' is just Biggie, Twista and Krayzie, but I will controversially say that I prefer the Swizz Beatz' beat and addition of Twista as the tempo of the track doesn't let up and the rapping fires off in more concentrated bursts than the original. The fan thank you track 'Thanx 2 Our Fans' is a nice sentiment and I am sure lines like we'd like to thank all of our fans for all of their support would be appreciated by fans who have been supporting Bone since the beginning. However the inclusion of this particular track on this particular album reads more like a slap in the face and sounds more like "thanks for buying the same tracks over and over again, suckers!"

Thugz Alwayz; the Sequel (Hood Tales) is a lazy and unnecessary sequel to an album that was already both of these things. But like the first, if you don't already own these tracks then it is a decent sampler into mostly uncommon and unreleased Bone Thugs-n-Harmony tracks.

Sardless Tracks

  • My Hood Blues
  • Spit Game

Track Listing

  1. My Hood Blues aka My Street Blues
  2. What They Do aka Playa Haters
  3. Rep My Klik, Rep Yos (feat. Lil Jon) aka Tear Da Club
  4. Spit Game (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Twista) aka Spit Your Game
  5. I Dont Give a F#@% (feat. Lil Jon & Mystikal)
  6. Take da Lead (feat. Wishin & Yandel) aka Wanna Ride
  7. So Krayzie
  8. When I Die (feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun)
  9. No More R.I.P. Songs (feat. Chamillionaire) aka 4 The OGs
  10. Everybody Wants a Thug
  11. Pimpz, Thugz & Hustlaz (feat. Mjg & 8ightball) aka Pimpz, Thugz, Hustlaz & Gangstaz
  12. U Kno I Been Around aka I Get Around
  13. Ride Wit Us aka Wanna Ride
  14. Children of da Night
  15. Thanx 2 Our Fans aka To My Number One