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SKIMASK - Cute Mutant

17 Jan 2013 macron1

SKIMASK are a three piece deal from Boston, MA. Their new hot joint Cute Mutant dropped on the 21st of December 2012, coinciding with "the end of the world." It was a shame it was the end times because their new hot joint combines out of this world zany beats with churning buzzing and scrambled vocals that have been described variously in the media as "Sabbath in reverse" viciousness, and "low-end wind-tunnel electro-punk."

If you check this video, you can get an idea of what is going on here. Sardless connoisseurs will immediately recognise the appeal, particularly to contributor macron1's delicate sensibilities, in that the band is a drummer, a vocalist and another guy doing a different type of vocals, making noise and being kind of annoying—annoying at a level where annoying is noise—but which upon closer listening reveals what is a great backing track for various states of beingness and consciousness that are not necessarily useful but which can happen on a regular basis. These might include desk-sitting, spreadsheet data entry-doing, marathon running, swimming, driving, golf-caddying, supermarket shopping, lawn mowing, disappointment, window peering, all parts of the dental appointment experience, public transport occupation, etc. etc. any passive/repetitive action or any other state that requires you to be there, but not in a complete capacity other than in the flesh. If you wanna put on some fresh jams and vibe with with your friends, Cute Mutant might not be the right thing. However if you are entering any of the previously listed scenarios, Cute Mutant is almost exactly what you need.

Cute Mutant can be thought of almost as part of an emergent form of early 21st century psychedelica, in so far as the 20th century psychedelica that emerged in the ~1960s was relevant for the time in which it occurred when the prevailing themes included boring shit, cold war paranoia, availability of a growing widespread eclectic collection of newspapers, shit loads of young people, lack of access to overseas travel, colour TV, umm newly available access to non-sheath forms of birth control, low quality drugs etc etc etc any concept that can be associated with that period. Cute Mutant is a recontextualised expression of the 2012 experience.

Sardless Tracks

  • Shark Week
  • Blow-up Bubble Gum
  • Ten Speeds

Track Listing

  1. Slap Me Silly
  2. Creature Double Feature
  3. Igloo
  4. Forever Ltd
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Shark Week
  7. Temperpedic Mattress
  8. Blow-up Bubblegum
  9. Foolish Men
  10. Problem House
  11. Ten Speeds
  12. Favorite Flavor