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Air ChristAtari Blitzkrieg7/10

Atari Blitzkrieg - Air Christ

13 Oct 2012 row1

Another month, another release from Atari Blitzkrieg—or at least that is how it is beginning to feel. The five-track EP starts off with the laid-back, it's-always-summer-in-the-islands-so-just-chill 'Ocean Pacific Palms'. The chill sound bring a more relaxed pace and is a fitting change from Atari's more frequent 1000 words per minute raps. Mio Soul also provides an incredibly nice additional vocal contribution on this track and the following '#newmorning'. 'Liquor Faceoff' and 'Elephantoms' were a bit less memorable and I found myself zoning out a bit with the mellow sounds and increased rapping tempo. The final and title track 'Air Christ' would have to be my pick of the EP. The reverberating in-out chimes while rapping about getting some sweet air reminds one of misspend youth and doing flips while being chased by mall cops.

Air Christ is almost entirely Atari Blitzkrieg produced ('#newmorning' by IV the Polymath'), and he attributes the sound to a newly found mature approach to music and set out to have a "retro-futuristic" vibe. He probably didn't quite achieve that vibe for the entire EP—'Air Christ' fits the bill, but 'Ocean Pacific Palms' is more "retro-contemporary". Either way, the end results is definitely an admirable one.

Air Christ comes as a prelude to Deer God, We ♥ Paradise which I am are now looking forward to hearing. It is worth the asking price of $1++ and I for one felt it was easily worth the fiver that I put down.

Sardless Tracks

  • Ocean Pacific Palms
  • Air Christ

Track Listing

  1. Ocean Pacific Palms feat. Mio Soul
  2. #newmorning feat. Mio Soul
  3. Liquor Faceoff
  4. Elephantoms
  5. Air Christ