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Mega Ran In Language Arts, Volume TwoRandom6/10

Random - Mega Ran In Language Arts, Volume Two

20 Aug 2012 row1

The second album in the three part Language Arts series. A series that moves slightly away from the video game heroes and has Random back as a teacher fighting against an evil video game KillCount that is turning students into mindless criminals and eating their homework.

The series also moves away from the 8-bit video game sound that Random is well known for and back towards the traditional hip-hop sound. This is especially evident by the Wu-Tang and Gang Starr samples on 'Faculty Lounge', a track that also features Stones Throw's Homeboy Sandman. This production by DN3, EOM, Fingaz, and Ray Riley certifies that Random's talent isn't limited to video game mash-ups and can find success going back to making albums like The Call. The first album seems to have been well received by fans, so it is good to hear that his newer fan base hasn't been scared off by rap music.

In true Random tradition there is a coherent and detailed story in here. I missed the first album in the series, but the the intro brought me up-to-date. An overview from the promo sheet:

Volume Two sees Random struggling to make progress as an educator, while his students are addicted to a poisonous video game that is distracting them from their educational goals, facing a battle challenge by the most notorious gangster rapper the neighborhood has seen, while at the same time trying to balance music, teaching, and maintain a relationship.

This series is an interesting departure from his other recent work that I am familiar with. Releasing a three part album series, a video game and a comic is a very ambition undertaking. So full credit must be given for putting so much passion and polish into the series. Minus the intro and outro, the album clocks in at about 30 minutes, this is a bit short and I felt like not much really happened on the story-side. However, it does have a cliffhanger ending and I assume that it will gel a lot better (story & length-wise) when the trilogy is complete and listened to in an extended session.

Sardless Tracks

  • Faculty Lounge
  • Zombie High

Track Listing

  1. Re-Intro/The Champ feat. feat. ZeeDubb
  2. On The Line feat. Wordsworth
  3. Faculty Lounge feat. Homeboy Sandman
  4. Hip Hop Chick
  5. Me and The Mouse 2.0 feat. MC Lars
  6. Zombie High
  7. Love is Not Love feat. Sammus
  8. Better Off feat. Chaundon
  9. To.Get.Her feat. MeLa Machinko
  10. Volume Two Conclusion