Album cover BROGRIND - Loose Lips Sink Ships and Noumenon
BROGRINDLoose Lips Sink Ships and Noumenon7/10

Loose Lips Sink Ships and Noumenon - BROGRIND

11 Aug 2012 macron1

Bro Grinds: Music To Grind Your Bros To is the hot new split jam/friendship collection from smooth jazz trio Loose Lips Sink Ships and late 90's inspired atmospheric doo-wop quartet Noumenon. The first 3 joints are provided by the Loose Lips, while the rest is from the other guys.

The first track, 'Dr. Alfred Kunkleberg Taught Us How To Photsynthesize Our Mustaches' is about how a guy called Dr. Alred Kunkleberg taught the young men to photosynthesise their mustaches, a story many of today's youth can relate as this remains a formative part of ones upbringing in western culture, myself having been shown the technique from my father, and him from his before. This story is laid out over 3 minutes and 57 seconds of mild rock with careful rhythms and etc etc. The next track, 'Papa Chubby,' could be construed as a/an euphemism, and then the last Loose Lips contribution of the split is a song called 'A Warbling Conglomerate of Warblers'. 'A Warbling Conglomerate of Warblers' is 6 minutes of careful musical sportsmanship featuring guitars that run on pure electricity and some clever drumsmanhandling, following a soothing xylophonic intro. Having followed Loose Lips Sink Ships career to date, this last track marks a departure from their usual 2-minute 3-chord power pop and sees the band enter uncharted territories that will surely cost them a few diehard fans or "Schleppies" as they have affectionately come to be known.

The remaining 3 tracks are contributed by self-described party mathematicians Noumenon. 'Algoresrhythm' was probably this reviewers favourite song of 4 years ago, so there is a lot riding on these last 3 tracks. Having not yet listened to them, I cannot tell you much about them other than that they are definitely there, are superbly titled and you should download them as well as the rest of the songs, for the cheap cheap price of whatever you want. Get BROGRIND here.

Sardless Tracks

  • Dr. Alfred Kunkleberg Taught Us How To Photsynthesize Our Mustaches
  • Space/Thyme
  • Matter
  • Chaos
  • Life
  • Pain
  • Language
  • Rat Tail of Bat Shit

Track Listing

  1. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Dr. Alfred Kunkleberg Taught Us How To Photsynthesize Our Mustaches
  2. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Papa Chubby
  3. Loose Lips Sink Ships - A Warbling Conglomerate of Warblers
  4. Noumenon - Rat Tail of Bat Shit
  5. Noumenon - Space/Thyme, Matter, Chaos, Life, Pain, Language
  6. Noumenon - Möbius Strip Chonyon Krangz