Album cover Slangin' Nouns - Melodious Monk and Tranzformer
Slangin' NounsMelodious Monk and Tranzformer7/10

Melodious Monk and Tranzformer - Slangin' Nouns

3 Jun 2012 row1

Tranzformer is the producer, Melodious Monk is the rapper and Slangin' Nouns is their first collaboration. The theme of Slangin' Nouns is undeniably drugs. Be it illicit substances or as a metaphor for hip hop, from start to finish it is all about pushing and consuming it.

I'll bite and say both that both the production and rapping is dope, but in 2012 after decades of hearing about rappers getting high, a track like 'Getting Higher' sounds far too familiar. The metaphors for hip hop being a drug is a clever, albeit not an original idea, but some lines are a tad cringeworthy That means I'm pushing drugs, this here's a roofie, on this date I'm raping drums, killers salute me-'The Curse'.

While the subject matter didn't jell that well with me, I can step back and look at it for what it is. The production is great. The lyrics (for the most part) are resourceful and skilled. The rapping is adept. And as a whole it is a good-great album. Definitely an album to listen to and a duo to seek more from.

Sardless Tracks

  • Street Chemisty (Shhh)
  • The Curse
  • Going Postal

Track Listing

  1. The Product
  2. Street Chemisty (Shhh)
  3. The Grim Reaper
  4. Life of a Drug Pusher
  5. The Gifted
  6. Going Postal
  7. NounForNoun (High School)
  8. Getting Higher
  9. The Perfect Drug
  10. (bonus) The Curse