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27 May 2012 row1

I was initially blown away when I first listened to Quakers from start to finish. I wasn't quite sure what had just happened. 41 tracks. 35 members. 3 producers. 70 minutes. I was a bit confused as everything had happened so fast. I needed more time to digest the album—but I felt like this was one of the greatest albums I had heard in a long time. The rapping was short and sharp—the fat had been cut. The 80s sci-fi synth beats stuck in my head and refused to depart. So I put the album on again...and again...and then broke it down as follows:

  1. 'Intro' - Just an intro about an earthquake. Moving on.
  2. 'Big Cat' feat. Synato Watts - The roaring big cat (jaguar?) sets Syanto off to an aggressive start. Great track.
  3. 'Fitta Happier' feat. Guilty Simpson & MED - The brass band really sets it up for Guilty and MED to kill it. It comes in YouTube and MP3 form. Great track.
  4. 'Smoke' feat. Jonwayne - A funky bassline feels a bit generic against Jonwayne's rapping. Download the MP3. Okay track.
  5. 'The Lo' - nice instrumental that probably should have been used. Good track.
  6. 'Russia With Love' feat. Coin Locker Kid - I am a sucker for synthesizers, so the Moog usage makes for one of the albums stand out tracks. Coin Locker Kid is also a complete machine on this one. However, the ODB outro sample 'Give me the mic' is a bit odd if you are not listening to the whole album. Also available for MP3 download. Standout track.
  7. 'What Chew Want' feat. Tone Tank - Back to some brass horns on this one. Tone Tank has some of the more memorable lines on this one Is it gay if you give a girl a reach around? Or does it all more depend on what you're reaching for? and I got a checkered past, just like a checkered cab, while someone with a checkered past driving a checkered cab.
  8. 'Flapjacksmm' - Short interlude. Moving on.
  9. 'Jobless' feat. Quite Nyce - Just missing that certain something to take it from good to great. Good track.
  10. 'Sidewinder' feat. Buff1 - Again more horns and another good track that just fails to standout. Good track.
  11. 'Mummy' feat. Diverse - Egyptian space mummy track. Full of monks chanting and an 8-bit video game sound. Good track.
  12. 'Belly of the Beast' feat. Emilio Rojas - Some more usage of a dirty synthesizer on this political track. Good track.
  13. 'Up The Rovers' - Another electrical instrumental that should have been promoted into a proper track. Good track.
  14. 'The Turk' feat. King Magnetic - a very brief appearance from King Magnetic and a Turkish flute and then it is all over. Good track.
  15. 'There It Is' feat. The Champs - Not bad but lacking some real passion to get it there. Okay track.
  16. 'RIP' - Reminds me of the sound that a 1950 science experiment would make as it was powering up with 100 gigawatts and then in come the drums. I cannot believe this wasn't used in conjunction with a rapper. Standout track.
  17. 'I like To Dance' feat. Krondon & General Steele - Apart from a silly sample at the start about a kid who likes to dance, this track brings back the passion and the brass beats.
  18. 'Dark City Lights' feat. Frank Nitty - Reminds me of Blade Runner and more recently Drive. In other words, big dark and dirty synthesizers beats. Standout track.
  19. 'The Beginning' feat. Coin Locker Kid. Slowed down and a bit disappointing after his excellent track 'Russia With Love'. Okay track.
  20. 'Kreem' - Great synth instrumental that is again wasted. Great Track.
  21. 'War Drums' feat. Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson - Sounds as per the title. Not sure what's with all the recent Dick Butkus references. Okay track.
  22. R.A.I.D. feat. Lyric Jones - The only female MC on the album. Okay track.
  23. 'Fresh' - a very short skit. Moving on.
  24. 'Something Beautiful' - two pointless interludes in a row... Moving on.
  25. 'Chicken Livers' feat. FC The Truth - The album is brought back on track with another dark electric track. Great Track.
  26. 'Rock my Soul' feat. Prince Po - The veteran Prince Po brings brings as much energy as ever to this one. Great Track.
  27. 'Lost and Found' feat. Estee Nack - The 1:25 minute preachers sermon at the start ruins this track and I am not sure why this is was not an interlude or dropped altogether. Apart from that Estee Nack has a nice reflective track. Okay track.
  28. 'My Mantra' feat. Dave Dub - A tribal offering that sounds a bit out of place, but good enough to warrant inclusion. Good track.
  29. 'Hunnypots of Beeswax' - Short interlude. Moving on.
  30. 'TV Dreaming' feat. Booty Brown - A bit of a soulful and serious track in the vein of Slick Rick. A bit out of place and not in a good way. Moving on.
  31. 'Don’t Make It Worthless' - Buzzing ice cream truck interlude. Okay track.
  32. 'Soul Power' feat. Dead Prez - A bit of funk and a near "full-length" track. Okay track.
  33. 'Glide' - Interlude—getting a bit sick of these. This one is more ambient noise. Moving on.
  34. 'Get Live' feat. Coin Locker Kid - This track is a bit of a mess with a kind of Middle Eastern 8-bit sound at high tempo and has Coin Locker Kid sounding a bit drunk. But yet it is somehow growing on me. Good track.
  35. 'Sign Language' feat. Aloe Blacc - a bit too much tooting of his own horn, but if you can ignore that then this Aloe Blacc is pretty solid. Good track.
  36. 'Earth Quaking' feat. Akil - I guess this is the Quakers theme song. Definitely sounds like the opening to a movie or T.V. show. Has a worldly chorus sample and is about earth quakes. Good track.
  37. 'You're Gonna Be Sorry' - Almost at the end but someone still thought that it will be a good idea for another interlude. Luckily the 8-bit Nintendo beat cools my rage. Good track.
  38. 'Outlaw' feat. Deed - I cannot find any information online about this rapper Deed. But I assume that he is British and I know that he is fantastic on this track. The beat sounds very familiar but I can't quite but my finger on it, I want to say '360 Degrees', but that would be incorrect. Great Track.
  39. 'The Tax Man' feat. Sareem Poems - Quite an aggressive track. Good track.
  40. 'Chucky Balboa feat. Silverust' - A fitting Friday fight night track. Good track.
  41. 'Oh Goodness' feat. Finale - surprisingly this is not an instrumental epilogue. The piano makes for a good way to play them off. Okay track.

The album is mostly just a barrage of single versed tracks, constantly being kept on your toes keeps the album very interesting and unique. The need for interludes on an album like this is understood, but as mentioned above this could probably been handled better. The albums three producers Fuzzface (Portishead's Geoff Barrow), 7-Stu-7 (Portishead's engineer/in-house producer Stuart Mathews) and Katalyst (Australian producer Ashley Anderson) produce a tour de force of mixed genre hip-hop sounds and a contender for album of the year.

Sardless Tracks

  • Russia With Love
  • RIP
  • Dark City Lights

Track Listing

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