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NO1 2 LOOK UP 2Big Baby Gandhi7/10

Big Baby Gandhi - NO1 2 LOOK UP 2

4 Apr 2012 macron1

NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 is the latest mixtape/album deal from Queens-based Pharmacology student Big Baby Gandhi. It follows hot on the heels of, and is reputed to be 3-4 times better than, November 2011s masterpiece Big Fucking Baby , which was one of the best things that got released in that year (7.7/10).

NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 kicks off with 'Long Ass Intro' and this track is very very nice and quite long and sounds not like what you would be expecting from a dude whose lyrics generally focus on semen-stained jackets, ass-cracks and cheap deals on vegetables, and immediately makes you forget all that shit and think perhaps Big Baby is going in a "new direction" this time maybe? The intro flows straight into the track 'Blue Magic' that features label-mates Das Racist. This is probably the stand out track of the collection and it is pretty much the first track on the mixtape so you will listen to this one a few times. Heems raps about racism killing him and then reiterates half of what Big Baby just said in a previous verse about someone (you?) sounding like Coldplay and Oprah while Kool A.D. raps about smoking weed drinking water watching TV and being a regular dude, and it all just sounds really nice and is probably the best collaboration featuring Das Racist this reviewer has heard since that one on Sit Down, Man called 'Amazing'. That song is really really good and this song is really really good too. The intro and 'Blue Magic', along with '360 Degrees', 'Stack' and 'Is This All For Real (Remix)' were all produced by Gandhi himself and he is quite good at doing that so there is another avenue if the pharmacology degree fails to work out.

The first half of the album is definitely a bit peppier, with tracks in the latter stages entitled 'Post Nihilism', 'Eulogy' and 'True Blood' being all dark and personal. Subject matter covers Gandhi talking about how he doesn't love himself and about how he drugs himself, and then he gives a (an?) eulogy, and then goes on about how he hates New York and Queens is a dump and you have to pee in a cup and then he starts begging for a blow job + there are rhymes about poverty etc, real shit like that doesn't make you laugh, but then is kind of funny cos sometimes it is hard to take the guy seriously. Das Racist collaborator and general all round guy Lakutis appears on 'True Blood' and serves to quickly change the topic from Gandhi begging for oral sex with his unusual Lakutisian free-associative stream-of-consciousness rhyming technique e.g. Lakutis / Lupus / ill-sick toothless in a Jacuzzi with three Mila Kunis's etc etc it all rhymes and flows nicely.

There is a bit of recycling of lyrics going on on a few of the tracks e.g. Men are Dogs Ma, that's her Dogma shows up on 'Turbo' after having blown this reviewers mind previously on BFBs 'Woof Woof'. Frida Kahlo Posters was also on that track and shows up NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 on the track 'Mobile Number'. "Swag" is thrown around with gay abandon on 'American Experience (Prod. Steel Tipped Dove),' and there are references to freeing yourself from illusions alongside stories about being an American and experiences therein ('Free Yourself From Illusion' was a standout track on BFB). There is some shit on 'Drink a Lil Pepsi' about fat kids loving cake that I have heard elsewhere on some other thing but then it is qualified with something about whack kids loving Drake which is amusing and rhymes. On 'Get $$$' BBG refers to himself as Baby Gaga, which was directly influenced by my wife hating Big Baby very much. She plans to sue.

Where Big Fucking Baby set itself apart from contemporaries by way of its extreme low-fi production, rampant use of stolen Cannibal Ox lyrics, cellphones for microphones and a creepy kind of air of... desperation--like if Big Baby wasn't doing this he would be stealing your wallet to buy glue or something--NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 aims to introduce a polished and fresh take on the BBG aesthetic, replete with BIG NAME COLLABORATIONS, heavy-feel Bjork-inspired instrumentals, top-notch recording studio equipment and production values, and cover art featuring close-up facials of the artist eating a bowl of money. This shit is good and Big Baby should charge 5-10 dollars for a listen but instead you get it for free. In this reviewers opinion NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 is probably 0.8-1 times better than BFB.

Sardless Tracks

  • Long Ass Intro / Blue Magic
  • Eulogy
  • Is This All For Real (Remix)

Track Listing

  1. Long Ass Intro
  2. Blue Magic feat. Das Racist
  3. All Over These Titties feat. Chippy Nonstop
  4. Turbo
  5. Drink a Lil Pepsi
  6. Boogie Nights
  7. Get $$$
  8. Hi Its Me, Baby
  9. American Experience
  10. Stack City
  11. Been a Villain
  12. Post Nihilism
  13. Eulogy
  14. True Blood feat. Lakutis and DVS
  15. 360 Degrees
  16. Lurkin feat. Fat Tony
  17. Mobile Number
  18. Is This All For Real (Remix)