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Children of the SunVortx of Distorsun8/10

Vortx of Distorsun - Children of the Sun

18 Mar 2012 row1

Vortx of Distorsun are a somewhat mysterious collective. Given the limited information available online about the album and Infinito 2017's massive discography one might assume that it is another one of his aliases or side-projects. But assuming that would be a fallacy, as

Vortx of Distorsun is not Infinito 2017 it's more of a movement in sound and a compilation of Artist styles. The musicians expand from Accra Ghana to Serbia due to the on going travel and constant DJ gigs by the artist. Please just inform people that this music is a movement and may appear with a cast of many artist over time. Infinito 2017 appears on vocals at times because he is more progressive in recording than most recording artists we work with.
Max - Joe Left Hand Records

So what does that mean? It means that we have eleven tracks clocking in at just under 30 minutes of true school meets new school hip hop. The album contains a fresh (and mostly jazzy sound) sound but also manages to invoke plenty of nostalgia such as Infinito 2017 quietly fading out at the end of 'I got to go' while quoting Public Enemy I got a letter from the government, the other day I opened and read it, it said they were suckers. Spoken word samples from Azra Nawal are also sprinkled throughout to convey a message-although a bit more restraint could have been shown. For example on 'Hindsight' the samples start to feel overused and distracting to the rapping going on in the background. Fast forward to 'All yall lil kids' and the samples sound a lot better placed and with the correct priority in relation to the rapping.

The album is solid from start to finish, but one of the high points is 'Slept on'. Sampling 'Daydream' may have been done many times before (RZA, Guru, The Beatnuts, etc.), but Infinito 2017 is still able to put his mark on it and with some interesting lyrics such as Never prayed to a pope, nope not me, not conditioned, need to mention or permission and Got jobs like Steve, Mac of the century, personal computer, xerox copies, pirates steal. Infinito 2017 alternates lines with Ari Hotep on 'Hindsight'. This great game of mic hot potato makes for another high point on the album.

The album's only real blemish is the interlude 'Vortex'. It contains what I assume is a civil rights movement speech. At two minutes it really interrupts the flow of the album. An interlude should provide a welcome break or transition, but on a short and enjoyable album such a break is not needed. The message can be delivered in smaller chunks throughout the album, something that is already does. But at least it is a separate and completely skippable track.

Minor complaints aside, Children of the Sun is one of the most interesting projects that Infinito 2017 has been involved in recently. The album is quite short but its longevity is boosted thanks to the quality production from Dion Brown, Jams da Boombox, Life Line Eternal, Cool D and In Otha Wordz. Overall a great album.

Sardless Tracks

  • I got to go
  • Slept on
  • Hindsight

Track Listing

  1. I got to go
  2. Earn concern
  3. Slept on
  4. Hindsight feat. Ari Hotep
  5. Is was
  6. Vortex (interlude)
  7. All yall lil kids
  8. Projects and experiments
  9. My daily
  10. Not done yet
  11. Eyes wide open