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MadMax Wallace - The Reanimator EP

11 Mar 2012 row1

The Reanimator is a free 5-track 15-minute EP from Seattle producer MadMax Wallace.

Three of the tracks are instrumental and have a very laid-back and jazzy sound. 'Hard Working' is probably the most laid-back of the three with the piano and saxophone really making it difficult to get to my desk and write this review.

Suntonio Bandanaz guest raps over what sounds to be a Middle Eastern oud beat on 'Over the Top'. Bandanaz' fast flow and the exotic beat definitely makes for a unique and attention grabbing track. Bishop I raps on the albums most up-beat track 'Oh Yeah'. The problem with this track is that Bishop I is doing a good job on the mic but then it stops abruptly mid-track for some out-of-place sounding rap, conversation and scratching samples, the beat then picks up but the samples continue with nothing else coming from Bishop I.

Overall, The Reanimator EP is an interesting EP that alternates between laid-back sounds and more traditional hip hop. I can easily recommend this as a quality release to checkout, further more it is currently a free download so there is really no excuse. For fans of the Re-Animator movies here is a bonus beat.

Sardless Tracks

  • Over the Top
  • Hard Working

Track Listing

  1. Hard Working
  2. Over the Top feat. Suntonio Bandanaz
  3. Ageless Flow
  4. Oh Yeah feat. Bishop I
  5. Git it