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A Few SelectionsJoe Left Hand Records5/10

Joe Left Hand Records - A Few Selections

18 Feb 2012 row1


A Few Selections is a late 2011 compilation from Joe Left Hand Records which is A collection of some of the more progressive high quality from all coast and global. A fairly compiled interesting mix of intelligent yet heartfelt music out today. Featuring artist that are seasoned and mature to exist on all sound sets. The compilation of this music is collective contribution of sound art by artist.

Tracks That Standout

The compilation starts out strong with Jago Moonshine on 'Prepare for the Night', a slightly eerie track which reminds me a lot of Krayzie Bone. Fatnice follows up with the "freestyle" track 'Words Superb' which really kicks off in verse two with a bombardment of lyrics solely focused around rhyming son and sun I'm Sun Tzu sonny, My sun shine stunning, So get your sun screen, Coz my sun shine coming. 'Man gone' is a nice jazzy number about make-ups to break-ups. Brok.en raps and produces the thoughtful sounding 'Minute Murder Two' where he must decide to if he will follow through with a paid plan to commit a heinous crime. The ever dependable Infinito 2017 provides the upbeat jazz track 'Walking Wonderful' as well 'Retake the South (Xhosa)' under the guise of Vortx of Distorsun.

Tracks That Are Decent

The "manufacturing line sounds" beat by King Boom on 'Dat Stank' almost works well for me, it sounds a bit flat/lo-fi (which can be OK) and fails to ignite a real spark between the producer and rappers 9th Scientist and MaxPtah. 'Sweetwater 2.0' is a very short track by female vocalist Nekaybaaw whose only real fault is 1:41 minute length and that the "world music" sound is featured on a compilation dominated by male rappers. Jason Da Hater Harris has some good social commentary about ridiculous fashion on 'All Clothes Ain't for Everybody', but I am not sure that really care about the message...but then again I have never been to Walmart.

Tracks That Don't Work

I like Mordecai the Foul, but 'Night of the Living Dread' is from 1998 so it sounds a bit old and it would have been good to hear more of his newer material. Gilead 7 drops the ball with the line I rape a Staple Singer and take her high pitched notes when I'm cuming on 'I Got You .1'-this surely must be a metaphor which I simply don't and do not want to understand.


The problem with the compilation is that nothing really stands out enough to make me want to invest more time researching the featured artists discographies. Some of the production is also quite forgettable meanwhile there are some great instrumental tracks that are underutilised.

Sardless Tracks

  • Prepare for the Night
  • Minute Murder Two
  • Retake the South (Xhosa)

Track Listing

  1. Jago Moonshine - Prepare for the Night
  2. Fatnice - Word Superb
  3. Cos G - Southside State of Mind
  4. Aslaam Mahdi - Man Gone
  5. The GEAUX - Etude No. 5
  6. Fathom 9 - Hell Storms
  7. Nekaybaaw - Sweetwater 2.0 (Spirit Guides Us)
  8. Prothorax Antenna - When Stars Collided
  9. 9th Scientist - Dat Stank (feat. MaxPtah)
  10. Blaak the 9th Mann (Beatsmifs) - Bottom of the 9th
  11. Empee - Hope Is Gone
  12. Brok.en - Minute Murder Two
  13. Gilead 7 - I Got You .1
  14. King Boom - Anti Tell Lie Vision
  15. Jason Da Hater - All Clothes Aint For Everybody
  16. Infinito 2017 - Walking Wonderful
  17. Mannie Gee - 167
  18. Truth Universal - This Moment (feat. Lyrikill)
  19. Mordecai the Foul - Night of the Living Dread (feat. Derelick (of IMC))
  20. Vortx of Distorsun - Retake the South (Xhosa)
  21. Kenautis Smith - Rightnow (Jay-Z Remix Track)